Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts: Best Guide

Best Shortcuts Keys For Windows 8:- Shortcuts are undoubtedly an important part of life. Who’ll not love to get 100% result for fewer efforts? So shortcuts are an inseparable part of life and everyone loves to follow them. Shortcuts save essential time of yours and hence are worth using. Your windows PC/laptop also has got a whole lot of shortcuts for serving various purposes. Out of which the most important ones are the keyboard shortcuts. So this article gives you the best and most usable windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. Using these shortcuts you can save a plenty of time and you can also complete your task very efficiently.

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

So as far as windows 8 is concerned, it really needs a set of keyboard shortcuts as it was the windows which was a bit confusing to the users at the very beginning. Also it came up with a totally new interface i.e the tiled one. This was though very cool but still confusing to a whole lot of users. So in order to lower the degree of confusion I’ve here prepared asset of keyboard shortcuts for the windows 8. These shortcuts are of the most commonly used activities in your windows 8 PC/Laptop. Following are the best Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts:

Windows 8 Shortcut Keys


Task Performed

·       Windows+X ·       Opens Up the Admin Menu
·       Windows+I ·       Opens Up the Settings
·       Windows+L ·       Locks the PC back to the Lock Screen
·       Windows+E ·       Launch The Explorer
·       Windows+H ·       Shares an App to any Social Media
·       Windows+Tab ·       Reveals all the Running Apps
·       Windows+C ·       Charms Bar pops out
·       Windows+Q ·       Search Apps
·       Windows+W ·       Search Settings
·       Windows+F ·       Search Files
·       Alt+F4 ·       Close an App
·       Windows+D ·       Brings up the Desktop
·       Windows+. ·       Snap an App to the right side
·       Windows+Shift+. ·       Snap an App to the left side
·       Windows+P ·       Gives you the second screen


So these were the best Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that use them and save your time and if you have got any other shortcuts then please feel free to share via comments. Thank you..

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