Whats New In Microsoft Windows 10 And Its Technical Preview

It was very much surprising that Microsoft unveiled its next Windows operating system as Microsoft windows 10 after the previous OS Windows 8 on Tuesday, September 30 event. Microsoft gave first look at an early technical preview for PC on October 1. The announcement highlighted the advancements designed for business, including updated user experience and enhanced security and management capabilities.

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of windows, unlocking new experiences to give customers new ways to work, play and connect said Terry Myerson, executive VP of the operating systems group at Microsoft.

The company also introduced Windows Insider Program, its largest ever open collaborative development effort. That is made to change the way Windows is built and delivered to the customers meeting the needs. The participants will receive the technical preview of Microsoft Windows 10 and steady stream of builds through the development cycle to use and give feedback on.

Microsoft Windows 10 Technical preview

Microsoft Windows 10 provides everything business need right into the core of the product such as identity and information protection and enterprise grade security features. Also reducing complexities and provide better experiences. It will help advance data loss prevention enabling protection that follows the data as it goes from a tablet or PC to a USB drive, email or the cloud.

Management and deployment have also been simplified in Microsoft Windows 10 to help lower costs. Business will also have flexibility to choose how quickly to adopt the latest innovations and influence continuous improvements. Microsoft Windows 10 allows you to customize app store to specific needs and environment. Microsoft Windows 10 also adapts to the devices that are used by customers such as Xbox to PCs, Phone, tablets and other tiny gadgets. It also adapts to what they are doing with a consistent compatible, familiar experience for greater productivity.

Microsoft Windows 10 will run across broadest range of devices from Internet of things to enterprise datacenters worldwide. With a Unified app store Microsoft is providing a converged application platform for developers enabling them to write applications and deploying it easily across multiple device types, making search, purchase and updating a lot easier than ever.

Features in Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

The technical preview for Microsoft Windows 10 was released on 1st October which has new levels of flexibility, navigation and familiarity to Windows experience. The Windows Insider Program enables the users to give feedback on early builds of the product throughout the development cycle. They can share their suggestions and issues to Microsoft. There is also a Windows technical forum for interacting with Microsoft engineers and fellow insiders. Beside windows Insider Program the other features that are very good made considering the failure of Windows 8 are:

Expanded Start Menu:

The old and familiar Start menu is back in Microsoft Windows 10 which was one of the major problems of Windows 8. It now has space to personalize with favorite apps, programs, people and websites in addition to old features.

Apps that run in a Window:

Now the apps from Windows store will open in same format as desktop programs and can be resized and moved around.

Snap Enhancements:

New Snap improvements make working in multiple apps at once more easier and intuitive with new quadrant layout allowing up to four apps to be snapped on same screen and Windows will also show other apps running for additional snapping with more smart suggestions on filling available screen space with other open tabs.

New task view button:

New task view button for quick switching between open files and quick access to any desktops you create.

Multiple desktops:

You can create desktops for different purposes and projects and switch between these desktops easily and you can start from where you left on each desktops.

Find files faster:

Now the File explorer displays your recent files and frequently visited folders making it easy to find the files you have worked on recently.

If you want to download and install Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview you must know about the consequences on behalf of its appealing features. There are many risks involved in installing it, because it is an unfinished software.

The Microsoft Windows 10 will go through a lot of changes through updates almost every day so you have to face changes regularly. You must know about troubleshooting and backing up data so as to be secure and safe. You may face system breaking bugs and may lose your data, so it is highly recommended to backup all your data before installing Microsoft Windows 10 Technical preview on your PC.

Microsoft has also said that you won’t be able to play DVDs using Windows Media Player after installing the Microsoft Windows 10 technical Preview because some processors and hardware configurations might be blocked after installing the preview, without naming any specific models.

Download Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

You have to follow these instructions carefully to get Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview for your PC

  • Sign up for Windows Insider Program
  • Check if your System meets Windows 10 minimum system requirements:
  1. Processor: 1GHz or more faster
  2. RAM: 1GB for 32-Bit and 2GB for 64-Bit
  3. 16GB free space in Hard Disk Drive
  4. Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
  5. A Microsoft account and Internet access
  • Download Microsoft windows 10 technical preview for 32-bit and 64-bit from the link below

Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview official download

  • Note down the Product key you were given
  • After downloading transfer the ISO file to installation media such as DVD or USB flash drive using any third party app like Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool or ImgBurn.
  • Double Click on “setup.exe” from the installation media and follow steps shown.

If you are installing Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview on Windows 7, Windows 8 or windows 8.1 you can keep Windows settings, personal files and most of the apps unchanged. In windows Vista you can’t keep anything and you have to perform a clean install. Whereas the Microsoft windows 10 technical preview does not run on Windows RT systems such as Windows RT or Windows 8.1 RT.

Once you have installed the Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview you will get automatic updates. The Windows Insider Program will enable you to stay on cutting edge of Windows software. The technical preview will expire in April 2015, whereas a consumer preview of Windows 10 will be available from early next year, which is a much better option for most users. So make a wise decision whether to install Microsoft windows technical preview on your PC or not. Best of Luck.

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