View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Android: How to

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Android:- Android as we all know is one of the best operating systems available nowadays due to its wide extensibility and flexibility. A whole lot of apps are also available to serve the purpose. Hence android is considered as one of the most successful operating systems till date. Now considering today’s topic, though there are lot of apps in the playstore for this purpose, but why to waste memory when we can do it manually. So our concern today is to view saved wi-fi passwords in android operating system.

View saved Wi-fi passwords in android

Everyone loves to hangout with friends. Café’s n others are the best place to do so, specially the one’s with free wi-fi. Now if you are carrying a laptop then its not much difficult to get the password. However with the phone its not that easy. With the phone it can be done only via some app or via the manual method(which will be given in this article) or you may ask the worker’s working out there. Keeping aside the first and the third choice let’s straightly head to the manual method. So in order to retrieve the saved wi-fi password your smartphone must be a rooted smartphone. Reason behind this is that only with the rooted smartphone a person has an admin access , and the information is stored in the system folder. Here’s are the steps:

  • First of all you need a rooted device.
  • Use a ES File explorer, and move to the root folder
  • In the root folder move to the data folder
  • Now move to data/misc/wifi
  • Under which you’ll find a folder named as the wpa_supplicant.conf. tap on the folder and open it.
  • You’ll find a SSID ( network’s name) and a password next to it, which is the required treasure.
  • Now search for the required SSID and write the password next to it, after which you can close the folder.

So this was the method to view saved wi-fi passwords in android. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that why to download apps or ask the baristas when you can do it on your own..

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