Use Google Maps without Internet: Best Ways

Use Google Maps without Internet:- The Android Play store as we all know is a very packed stage for a whole lot of apps. This is the main reason why Android is so popular and fame earning operating system, because almost for every single purpose it has got an app and most of them are free of cost. Due to this flexibility the Android nowadays is being used by almost every 3rd personality. Almost everything is available to you with just a touch. Google Maps is yet one such app out of the store which is our point of concern today. Maps are of a great use in our day to day life, as it tells a person where to go exactly. The Google map is available in the play store. But the problem now arises is that the Google map works only when there is an internet coverage. So in this article I’m going to sort out this issue for you as I’ll tell you some ways to use Google maps without internet.

Use Google maps without internet

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Now let’s suppose that you go for an outing, you don’t know about that place so you have to be reliable on your Google maps but after reaching there what you find is that there is no internet coverage in that area. This is where the problem occurs. Your trip gets ruined due to the poor connectivity. But let me tell you an alternative here. In order to get rid of this problem what you can do is you can save your location previously. To do this you need to have the latest version of Google map installed in your Smartphone. One more point which is a center of concern is that this feature runs on both and Android as well as in the iOS platform. So whichever device you are using you can enjoy the benefits from this app.

How to Use Google Maps without Internet:-

Here is an easy guide to tell you about the way you have to use Google maps without internet.

  • First of all you have to sign in to the Google account in order to use the app
  • One way to save the map is by clicking the profile icon present right next to the search option inside the settings. Scroll to the bottom where you’ll find an option “Offline Maps” with which you can save the map and use it in the future.
  • Another way to do the same process is also a quite easy method where you just have to type “Ok Maps” in the search option. Then a dialog box will appear saying save map with a “save” option just below the map. Now at this point of time you can zoom in or out to select a particular area you wish to save. The saved area can further be zoomed after the map gets downloaded. After selecting the area just tap the “save” button. You’ll just have to give the map a particular name in order to identify the map later on. Once the map is saved you can again follow the step number 2 and get the saved map in the “offline maps” option.

Now good things and bad things are complementary to each other. Though it is a very class feature of the app but still there are some limitations in this procedure viz. first of all selecting a very large area in the map will give you an error also the saved data is available to you only for 30 days after which you have to do the same procedure again. One more thing which is definitely a catchy thing is that you can save more than on maps in your wish list, so if you are out for a long holiday you need not to worry about the internet coverage just save the maps and explore the world.

In the end just would like to conclude by saying that for further doubts and queries feel free to share via comments.

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