USB’s or CD’s Autoplay Not Working : Fixed

USB’s or CD’s Autoplay Not Working:- Nowadays Computer has become one of the basic necessity for a human being. Almost everything can be accomplished using a computer. It seems quite easy and cool unless an error occurs. A computer is a electronic device which can perform a whole lot of tasks but when it comes to errors, the number of tasks equate the number of errors. This article tells you about one such error. As we all know that CD ROM’s and USB’s play a vital role in the computer system. With the help of CD’s and USB’s one can transfer stuff from one PC to another. Now an error with these type of devices can be that the USB’s or CD’s Autoplay not working. So in this article i’m going to tell you the solution to the USB’s or CD’s autoplay not working error.

USB’s or CD’s Autoplay Not Working

So it is a stepwise procedure. Here are the steps to the error USB’s or CD’s Autoplay not working:-

  1. The very first thing you can do is you can check the Autoplay settings from the Control Panel. Here are the steps:-
  • Go to Control panel
  • Search for the Autoplay option there
  • Next in front of you, you’ll find a list of devices or media you want an Autoplay for
  • Tick mark all the devices for which you want an autoplay option
  • Now after this just click on the save button
  • This should make all those devices show an Autoplay option to you.
  1. Now if the first step did’t worked properly, then you can head on towards the next step which is to check weather the service is working or not. Here are the steps:-
  • First of all click on the Start button.
  • Then in the search option type “services.msc” and click enter
  • It will show you a list of services out of which you have to check out the “Shell Hardware detection”
  • You just have to check here weather its functional or not
  • If the service is not working then right click on the service and click start
  • Now right click on the service again and go to properties and in the “startup menu” click automatic and then click ok.
  1. Now the above described steps were just a beginner type of steps. The main point starts from here in which we have to check the CD ROM registry. Here are the steps:-
  • First of all click on the start menu
  • Go to the search option and click “regedit” and click enter
  • After which you have to find the following subkey:


  • After which you have to check for the value which comes after double clicking the Autorun.
  • If the value is zero right click on the Autorun and click “modify” and change the value to one.
  • Click ok
  • Now till now you would have understood that the value of autorun should be one. Once the value is one you can locate and click on the subkey:


  1. Now you have to check the value of NoDriveTypeAutoRun. To check the value follow the following steps:
  • The Autorun is turned off if the value is 0xb5
  • To turn on the AutoRun right click on the NoDriveTypeAutoRun
  • Click modify and change the value to 91
  • Now after which you have to click on the Hexadecimal button.
  • Then click ok
  1. Now if all the above descried steps led to a failure then you can opt for the final step i.e to download a tool named “Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard”. Run the tool and you can fix the problem.

So this was all about the Solution to the error USB’s or CD’s Autoplay not working. Hope this article helped you a lot. In the end just would like to conclude y saying that if you somehow face any error of this type then you can try the above described steps.

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