How To Fix USB Device Not Recognized: 100% Working

USB Device Not Recognized:- USB ports are like a boon to the modern computer systems. Without the USB’s you won’t be able to connect your mouse, keyboard, pen drive, data cards etc etc. It is like one of the most important parts of any computer system. USB ports stand for Universal Serial Bus and are basically used to connect peripheral devices to your PC. But these USB ports are also prone to errors. Today in this article i’m going to talk about one such error and i’m going to tell you how to fix USB device not recognized error.

usb device not recognized

USB Device Not Recognized

Now before getting towards how to fix USB device not recognized let’s quickly take a look at why USB device not recognized error comes. Many of you might have seen while plugging any external device via USB port an error message pops up saying that the USB device not recognized. For all those who are sick of having this error let me tell you that you are at the right place. This error does not mean that the USB port is not working properly but it may happen due to a lot of other ways. Although bad USB port can be a cause Now let’s take a look at how to fix USB Device not recognized.

Given below are some easy methods to fix USB device not recognized.

Method 1:

The first method to fix USB device not recognized is a very simple method. In this method all you need to do is simply turn off your PC and unplug the power supply. Now why this step? Computer is a device in which sometimes just a mere restart makes it fully functional. Once the motherboard is rebooted, it lets the microprocessor to reload all device drivers and hence you device can get recognized.

Method 2:

The second method which i’ll use to fix USB device not recognized is to reinstall the USB controllers. If in case the first method was unable to solve the issue this will probably do it for you. Given below is an easy guide to fix USB device not recognized.

  • Go to control panel. Inside the control panel go to system and security.
  • Inside the system and security click on the “system”.
  • There at the left hand top corner you’ll find the device manager.
  • Open it and expand disk drives and select your USB device. (pendrive or hard disk will show under disk drives and keyboard mouse will show under keyboard and mouse settings).
  • Right click on your USB device select “uninstall”.
  • After which you can unplug your USB device.
  • Now after waiting for some time try reconnecting the USB device and you’ll notice it automatically installs the drivers.
  • You’re done with how to fix USB device not recognized.


So this was all about how  to fix USB device not recognized. For Further doubts and queries regarding how to fix USB device not recognized please feel free to share via comments. Thank You.

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