Inforaid is basically a growing tech website with a very simple and user friendly design layout, designed specially with an aim to provide optimum and useful information about the current technology to serve its users. Now after being online for about 6 months the owner is continuously working in order to focus on implanting latest tutorials, tips and tweaks and How to guides in order to give you the surfing experience you never had before. So the basic aim of this website is to keep the user’s updated with the latest tech news and product details.

Who’s Behind Inforaid:

Inforaid is the result of Joint efforts by Arun Bisht & Manoj, other than this blogging work both of them are also pursuing in Electronics and Communication Engineering from GGSIPU, which is one of the renowned universities in North India.

How Inforaid Started:

6 months ago we had no idea about what blogging is and we never thought blogging would become a part of our lives as a career follow up and this has only happened because of Pankaj Kumar, our classmate and best friend who has been in this blogging field for more than 3 years and who guided us through the very beginning and after registering Inforaid from Big rock. There were many up’s and down’s during the initial phase in which the person who led by us all the time was Pankaj Kumar and also constant encouragement and support was provided from our colleague and a friend for life Bhupesh Nimje  and family members too, so a special thanks to all of them. Currently we are working hard with dedication towards both the Website and our studies as well and we hope this will bring fruitful result in nearby future.

Why Inforaid:

Though there are millions of websites worldwide but I would just like to catch your eyes with the help of Inforaid due to the following features:

  • Simple and User-friendly Interface with lightning fast page loading.
  • Fully Verified and tested tutorials and tips & tricks.
  • Easy understandable purely English written content.
  • Quick response to users query within a period of max 4 hours.