How To Turn Off Autocorrect In Android: Best Guide

Turn Off AutoCorrect In Android:-The Smartphones are called so because they have turned so smart that if a person is himself making a mistake then the Smartphone are capable enough to find the error and rectify it. This is a pure example to show how much technology has flourished these days. Now suppose a person is new to English language and is not so good in English and he owns an android Smartphone and he types something wrong, then the auto-correct feature in the android will automatically omit the error and thereby will make the person understand the original word and shows him the desired result. This feature seems to be quite interesting and helpful but today this article will tell you how to turn off autocorrect in android and why there is a need to do so?

turn off autocorrect in android

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How To Turn Off Auto-Correct In Android:

Now before getting towards how to turn off autocorrect in android let’s first take a look at why there is a need to turn off autocorrect in android. Now there are a lot of people who love to chat in the way they feel like using short forms and many other things. For those people the autocorrect feature is like a curse because it may type something irrelevant which the user does not want to type. Therefore this feature has got its positive points and well as negative points. So it’s like a curse and boon at the same time depending from person to person. So now for those who hate this autocorrect feature today I’ll tell you how to fix the issue and how to turn off autocorrect in android.

Given below are some easy steps to turn off autocorrect in android:

  • First of all go to settings and head towards the “Language and Input” settings.
  • Inside which you’ll find the “Keyboard & Input methods” as a heading. Under which you’ll find 3 option saying “Current keyboard” , “Google Keyboard” and “Google Voice Typing”.
  • Just click on the “Google Keyboard”.
  • Now a new window will pop out giving various options. Click on “text correction”.
  • As another window pops out. There will be an option saying “Auto Correction”. Just tap on the option to turn off auto correction.
  • You’re done with how to turn off autocorrect in android.


So this was all about how to turn off autocorrect feature in android. You just have to give this method a try and see how it brings wonders to your fast typing fingers without any further ado’s. For further doubts and queries regarding how to turn off autocorrect in android please feel free to share via comments. Thank you..

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