Transfer Files upto 10 GB using We Transfer

We Transfer is an online File-transferring platform. It has been there since 2009 in Amsterdam. By, using We Transfer you can transfer files easily at much faster speeds without any hustle, stress or charge. We Transfer has overcame the problems of other file transferring apps that does not support transfer of larger files. While File Transfer, WiFi Transfer etc. apps support maximum of 5MB of files to be transferred at once, by using We Transfer you can easily transfer 10GB data at once. The best thing of We Transfer is that it is free, simple, good looking and secure.

We Transfer

Simply Select your videos and photos and click share button, add email address of recipient and upload up to 10GB. The recipient will get a download link. During the transfer there will be inspiring backgrounds for you. It does not require any Sign Up.

How to share bigger files using We Transfer

  • Tap to select.
  • Tap and hold to preview images and videos.
  • Double Tap to select multiple files at a time.
  • Double swipe to scroll between months .
  • Triple swipe to scroll down to bottom.
  • Share files from anywhere using share option.

Other Features

  • Transfer photos and videos stored in your camera, PC, Smartphone etc.
  • You can upload up to 10 GB of data at a time.
  • Extra layer of protection during file transfer.
  • Long term storage and control.
  • You can Pause your file transfer and Resume later.

Password protected file transfer for Plus users (We Transfer Plus is available for $10 per month which is paid yearly).

We Transfer is available for Android and iOS operating systems. It free of cost and can transfer bigger files at a time which could not be transferred using other file transfer apps available on the app stores or iTunes. We Transfer is very useful and free of cost and helpful in transferring files across the world from one point to other. It is very simple, safe and secure to use We Transfer.

It requires android v4.1 or above to run and iOS 7 or above for iPhone and iPads.

Get We transfer Android app for free.

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