Top New Android Apps (Paid) on Google Play Store

Android users are always up with lot of new and interesting apps. Google Play Store is full of thousands of apps for your android and adding a lot every minute. These apps make your device complete by giving you what you needed. At Google Play Store there is an app for almost everything. So let’s have a look on top new paid android apps on Google play store. As these apps are full of thrill and usefulness so it might be worth to have a look on them. Here is a list of few top new android apps (paid) for you.

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Top New Android Apps


It is a survival journey game through space, caves, rocks and comets etc. The game has Ultra fast and intense gameplay, bonus modes, great sounds and three unlock-able difficulty levels. This app requires android v2.3.3 or above to run. It is of worth Rs 150.06.

XON Episode Two

This is a great puzzle adventure game which requires android v2.3 or above to run. It is of worth Rs. 89

SoundBard – RPG Soundboard

It is perfect soundboard companion for gaming get together. It is designed to be used with fantasy RPG games. It provides pre-set category tabs like Character, Atmosphere, Rolls etc. It Requires android v4.0 or up and is of worth Rs. 301.92.

King of Dragon Pass

This game is based on Epic saga of conflict, mythology, and community. It is among one of the top 100 best mobile games of all times. This app runs on android v2.3 or up. Its cost is Rs. 599

Numerology Guidance Cards

These cards are ultimate tools of Divination. It will provide clarity and insight to assist you on your path. It requires android v2.1 or more and is of Rs. 423.35.

Atlas Plus License Key

This is a license key for your Atlas browser which helps the browser to support viewing more than four tabs at a time, Dual view and capability to save control panel settings for sites. It requires android v4.0.3 or more and is of Rs. 180.79.

ACC Football Challenge 2014

This is the sequel to the world’s first college gaming app. This app has provided multiplayer online rivalry. It runs on android v2.3 or more and is of Rs. 60.47.

Zombie City Defender

Feel yourself like a real military defender of future and save earth from biggest ever threats. It runs on android v 4.0 or more and of Rs. 90.74

PT in my Pocket

It is new app that provide you many good workouts any where at any time. It requires android v 3.0 or more and is of Rs. 213.15

Aeon Icon Pack

This app will give your android new futuristic UI with its plenty of icons. this app runs on android v 4.0.3 or up and is of Rs 60.53

MIUI 6 launcher Theme

First MIUI 6 icon pack for launchers. It requires android v 2.3 or more and is of Rs. 65.93

PP Theme – Material Lite

This app runs on android v 2.1 or above and can only be used with Pixel phone app. It is of Rs. 119.

These are not even the shadow of apps on Google play store as there thousands of apps and many apps are added daily to the store.

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