Top Free Password Managers 2015: A Quick Look

Top Free Password Managers 2015: A Quick Look

In this Digital era we are doing almost everything online from managing our Bank accounts, social accounts, important emails and several work profiles online, so it is important to keep them secure from any vulnerable activities. Now a days stealing password for some data or anything else has been very common. So keeping all of our accounts safe is not so easy. One of the methods to do so is to have good and strong password. It is important to have different passwords for different accounts as same password is more prone to stealing. The other and much easy and better way is to use password managers available. Here we are going to discuss best free Password Managers for Android/Windows/Mac/iOS.

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Best Password Managers 2015 for Android/Windows/Mac/iOS


It is one of the best Password Managers for Android/Windows/Mac. It integrates with any web browser so that users can log in even when they are using different browser at different places like home and work. It offers form filling and password generator that have become the standard of password managers. Its premium version is also available at $12 per year. Download LastPass Password manager.

Top free password managers 2015

1 Password

It is also very popular among top free Password Managers 2015. It secures your logins, passwords, payment info, secure notes etc. It uses your own storage and account to sync you to control your own data. Get 1 Password app here.

Top free password managers 2015


It offers Industry standard AES-256 bit encryption of your password. It comes with its own browser and it also makes it easy to copy and paste your passwords into any app or website as well as managing your password. The basic features are free for lifetime, however the premium version is charged. Download Dashlane from here.

Best password managers for Android/Windows/Mac/iOS

PasswordBox Premium

It is also among the best password managers. It is best looking app and it can be set up as the browser’s home page.  Best thing of this app is that the encrypted service is one of the only ones that can be downloaded on mobile devices without needing a premium subscription. Download PasswordBox Premium for free.

best free password managers


It gives option to keep your passwords and date encrypted and local, or sync to web and across devices. It supports multiple identities and provides both online and offline password management options along with bookmarking feature. It is free to download and use till 10 logins. Get Roboform here.

Top free password managers 2015

Norton Identity Safe

It is a free password manager that helps you in logging to your favorite sites more easily and securely. It is one of the most trusted brands available. download it here.

top Free password managers

Enpass password manager

It has a very simple interface and comes with standard features and passwords are kept according to different categories and comes among one of best password managing apps. It is free to download and use till 10 uses. Get the app here.

best password managers


It is a free and one of the best password managers for you. It stores passwords in encrypted database and is also portable. It officially supports Windows, Mac and Linux and it also supports Android and Windows Phone. Get the KeePass app here.

best apps to manage passwords

These are few best apps to manage passwords in Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices. These apps help you to manage and control your various accounts. Among the above discussed best password managing apps you can select anyone and stop losing and forgetting passwords.

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