Timed Messaging in BBM: +1 Feature Update

Timed Messaging in BBM:- Just like Android, iOS, Windows blackberry is also one panel which is one of its types. Whenever someone talks about the Smartphone Blackberry is always considered to be an out of league. A whole lot of its features make it different from others. It’s always considered in the league of the professionals. So the features are also provided in the Smartphone keeping the above statement in mind. The Blackberry has got a lot of safety features just to make sure that the content is not in wrong hands. BBM which is one of the brilliant features of the Blackberry is one of the safest modes of chats being made worldwide. This is so because the database of the chats is not saved anywhere else with the user itself. But now the BBM is available with the Android users as well. So in this article we’ll talk about the new feature update of the BBM.

Timed Messaging in BBM

Just like the Snapchat which is a very famous photo messaging app, BBM has also introduced a new feature of timed messaging by which the sender will be able to set the time limit upto which the recipient will be able to see the message and after which the message will get deleted automatically. The message will only be visible when the person who receives the message touches and holds the chat option. Once the recipient takes his fingers off or the timer is expired the message will not be visible to the user. Once the user has seen the message or image, a notification is sent to the sender about the same. The new feature lets the user to make his chats more secure because once the message which is sent is deleted there is no fear of reaching the message into wrong hands.

So this was all about the Timed Messaging in BBM which is a latest feature update and in totality it can be concluded that BBM is always safer than other messaging apps out there nowadays. The credit undoubtedly goes to the Blackberry management for putting their efforts and letting the users chat safely. For Further doubts and queries feel free to share via comments.

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