Technical Preview of Vivaldi Browser – Download

Almost all of us are familiar to the web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Internet, Opera etc. There are many more browsers coming in future with better features and speed. Microsoft has also announced its latest browser project Spartan to be available soon. There is one more browser with more features called Vivaldi.

technical preview of Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a new project started by former CEO of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner. He said they are trying to make fastest browser of universe. It is still in its early stage. Vivaldi run on Chromium (blink) rendering engine and latest web technologies such as React,Node.js and number of node modules. It uses Java Scripts and is mainly aimed at power users who like to work while opening many tabs at a time.Vivaldi sports mouse gestures for browsing.

It supports speed dial feature as in Opera to go to your favourite sites quickly. It comes with feature to combine multiple tabs into stacks, which helps a lot in organizing similar tabs to one group. You can take notes while browsing with screenshots right in the handy notes panel. The notes will be automatically remember the site you were browsing at the time and allow you to add tags to organize and find the later.

The features like ‘quick commands’ make it more power user friendly. Although the browser is more powerful and got some good features, it’s still lacking much more in it to compete in the browser market. However it is still in building stage and a lot more is expected to come to the browser later on.

Only the technical preview of Vivaldi is available at the moment for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are plans to add sync, mail support, extensions and better performance in the coming days.

Download technical preview of Vivaldi browser

As said by the Vivaldi team which includes 25 members the browser will have features on basis of user demand. There is a forum where you can discuss any important feature or fault directly with the team or other users.

If you are a power user than we would say that you may have a go on the technical preview of Vivaldi browser, try it and you can also discuss about it. After all it is good to have a powerful and fast browser.

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