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How to Check Health of Hard Disk: Working Methods

How to Check Health of Hard Disk: Computer system is like a boon to the present generation. Almost everything nowadays can be done using a computer system.  Also as the time is passing, the systems are also getting updated day by day and are becoming more and

Fix Android Error 492 : Best Ways

Fix Android Error 492:- Errors are a type of inseparable part of any gadget. While working with our gadgets almost each one of us face errors. So the recovery from these errors is a very beneficial part as without which we can’t perform our required task. Android

USB’s or CD’s Autoplay Not Working : Fixed

USB’s or CD’s Autoplay Not Working:- Nowadays Computer has become one of the basic necessity for a human being. Almost everything can be accomplished using a computer. It seems quite easy and cool unless an error occurs. A computer is a electronic device which can perform a