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Transfer Files upto 10 GB using We Transfer

We Transfer is an online File-transferring platform. It has been there since 2009 in Amsterdam. By, using We Transfer you can transfer files easily at much faster speeds without any hustle, stress or charge. We Transfer has overcame the problems of other file transferring apps that does

Top New Android Apps (Paid) on Google Play Store

Android users are always up with lot of new and interesting apps. Google Play Store is full of thousands of apps for your android and adding a lot every minute. These apps make your device complete by giving you what you needed. At Google Play Store there

Best Android Apps to Learn English: Must Have

Best Android Apps to Learn English:- A Smartphone is called smart because it usually helps you with every single aspect, and to serve the same a whole lot of apps are available. In this article we’ll talk about the android department. So as per the English language

Use Google Maps without Internet: Best Ways

Use Google Maps without Internet:- The Android Play store as we all know is a very packed stage for a whole lot of apps. This is the main reason why Android is so popular and fame earning operating system, because almost for every single purpose it has