Save Pictures On SD Card: 2 Easy To Follow Methods

Save Pictures On SD Card : Easy To Follow Methods – Having a smartphone is great because the latest models now let you do almost anything. You can take pictures, listen to music, check your email, surf the net and do some work.

Almost all (if not all) Android phones support an expansion (usually a MicroSD Card) slot. This makes it very easy to save pictures on sd card using the Android OS. While there are no sd card slots on Apple devices, there is still a way to save picture on sd card by using iTunes or other third party apps.

save pictures on sd card

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Why Save/Backup Your Pictures On SD Card?

The answer to this question is quite obvious: we do not want to lose our precious photos. In case something happens to your mobile device (it gets stolen or you lose it), then you will still have copies of your pictures.

There are several ways to save pictures on sd card both for Android and Apple devices. For this article, I will show you a couple of ways to them fast and easy.

Let’s start with the Android OS first because to save pictures on sd card on this operating system is easier when compared to iOS.

Save Pictures On SD Card : Android OS

Save Pictures On SD Card

Follow the steps below to save pictures on sd card on your Android device.

  1. Insert an SD Card or MicroSD Card into your Android devices’ card slot.
  2. Open “File Manager” on your device and go to the “DCIM” or “Photos” folder located on the “internal memory” of your smartphone/tablet.
  3. Once inside the DCIM/Photos folder, choose all the pictures you want to save on your SD Card by tapping on each picture. Depending on the “File Manager” you are using, you can choose all pictures with the “Select All” option.
  4. After selecting all the pictures you want to save to sd card, choose either “Copy” or “Cut” from the Menu. Choosing Cut will permanently delete all your pictures after you copy them to your SD/MicroSD Card.
  5. Now go back to “File Manager” and this time choose your “external memory“.
  6. Create a new “Folder” on your SD/MicroSD Card (to keep your pictures in one place).
  7. Navigate to your created folder and then choose “Paste” from the Menu.

All your pictures will now be saved to your SD/MicroSD Card.

Watch the video below to move not only pictures but apps as well to an sd card from your Android device.

The next method will show you how to save pictures on sd card from your Apple devices.

Save Pictures On SD Card : iOS Devices

Save Pictures On SD Card

Saving pictures from iOS devices requires a bit of technical knowledge because it is not as straight-forward as the method used for Androids. To save pictures on sd card from your Apple gadgets, just follow the guide below.

  1. Using the official cable that came with your iDevice, connect you apple gadget to your Laptop/PC.
  2. If this is your first time connecting the iDevice, Apple drivers will be installed in order for your iOS device to be recognized by your computer.
  3. Once the drivers are installed, a prompt will pop up giving you a choice of what to do with the connected device.
  4. Choose”Copy Photos To Computer“.
  5. This process is automatic and you don’t have to do anything. Just wait for the process to finish.
  6. After copying all your pictures to your Laptop/Computer, you can then save pictures on sd card via your PC.

Easy right? Here is a bonus way of saving pictures on sd card from your Apple devices: You can use this accessory to directly transfer your pictures to sd card. You can also use the adapter in the video below to do the same job.

Transferring pictures on sd card is easy to do if you follow the instructions I shared with you. It just takes a little patience and you will be saving space on your devices as well as keeping all your pictures /memories safe with you.

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