How To Root Cyanogenmod 13: Very Easy And Quick Method To Do

How To Root Cyanogenmod 13: Very Easy And Quick Method To Do Cyanogenmod is a well known open source operating system based on the Android OS. The CyanogenMod moniker had already been dropped but development on the operating system continues via the LineageOS project.

root cyanogenMod 13

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CyanogenMod Features

Mobile device sellers oftentimes distribute smartphones and tablets with the official firmware installed. Users who want more from smartphones and other mobile devices can install CyanogenMod to get more features not available from the latest official build.

Below are some features of CyanogenMod not found in the official firmware:

Now, a lot of Android users are adventurous when it comes to their devices. Although the Android OS is already very customizable, many people still want to take their tweaking further. Rooting your Android device is the key to full control of your gadget. For this article, I will show you the very easy and quick method to root CyanogenMod 13.

How To Root Cyanogenmod 13: Very Easy And Quick Method To Do

Rooting CyanogenMod 13 if you know how. If you been looking for a way to gain root access then you’re in luck! Just follow the procedure outlined below to do the job.

This method is considered as the “Official” rooting method for CyanogenMod 13.

Step 1. Go to “Settings“.

Step 2. Touch “About Phone“.

Step 3. Tap on the “Build Number” 7 times. You will get a message that says “You are now a developer“.

Step 4. Go back to the previous screen by tapping the back button.

Step 5. Open “Developer Settings” and go to “Root Access” menu.

Step 6. Tap “Apps and ADB” and you are done!

That was very easy since root is already built-in CyanogenMod 13. It just need activation.

Now you can watch the video below to see how the entire process is done.

Having root access to your Android device offers a lot of improvement possibilities. Not only that, you can have tons of fun and customization galore when you root your device. It only takes a few minutes and some basic knowledge of your device to gain root access. With this guide (How To Root Cyanogenmod 13: Very Easy And Quick Method To Do), rooting CyanogenMod 13 becomes that much easier.

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