Quickbooks vs Peachtree: The Better Choice

Quickbooks vs Peachtree: The Better Choice – Quickbooks and Peachtree are popular accounting and finance software used by almost all types of businesses – from SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) to the biggest companies the world over. Both programs have been around for some time now and users of both software swear to their ease of use and functionalities that fit their businesses. For this article, we are going to discuss the features of both programs to give you an idea of which one to choose for your business venture. Let the QuickBooks vs Peachtree battle begin!

QuickBooks vs PeachTree

Which One Is Better

Quickbooks Vs Peachtree : QuickBooks

Quickbooks Vs Peachtree

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First, we will take a look at QuickBooks’ features and what makes the software ideal for you.

Created and manufactured by Intuit, QuickBooks is a financial accounting program designed for all types of industries – from the small businesses to big companies. The software has a slew of useful features that are easy to use. These include the following:

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Accounts Receivables
  3. Credit Card Management
  4. Financial Reporting
  5. Automatic Syncing with your Bank
  6. Expense Tracking
  7. Professional Invoicing
  8. Payroll Functions
  9. Manage Bills Payment
  10. Business Analysis Tools
  11. Ability to connect to other Apps (Paypal, Square and others)
  12. Free Mobile-Friendly App for Android and iOS
  13. Access to up to five users
  14. Automatic Back-ups
  15. Free Help Support

From the above list, you can see why a lot of business owners choose QuickBooks for their business. To further learn about QuickBooks’ features, we shall discuss five outstanding benefits of using the software.

1. Managing Your Businesses’ Money

The most notable feature of QuickBooks is the software’s ability to efficiently manage your company’s finances. After all, you are in business to  make money and keeping tabs on your expenses and earnings takes the utmost priority in keeping your business afloat. This is where QuickBooks truly shine as an accounting /financial programs.

With the software, users can manage recurring payments and receivables easily. By allowing users to enter due dates and payment information, QuickBooks takes care of your company’s bills, ensuring you do not miss a utilities payment or receive money from a customer.

These transactions are also automatically recorded into QuickBooks’ system so that users can get a bird’s eye view of all outgoing and incoming money from billers and customers. Reports can then be generated and viewed on a single screen for easy analysis. This feature also saves the users from accumulating a clutter of paper as bills and bank statements become electronic.

2. Expense Tracking and Billing

When you have a medium sized company, its inevitable that your sales/marketing people will incur travel and promotion expenses. These can be an accountant’s nightmare but QuickBooks can help your finance people get rid of the problem. QuickBooks has a built-in feature to take care of this dilemma. Your accountant can assign an account for each sales/marketing team member and these people can manage their expenses by individually entering their expenses into the system.

3. Invoicing System

Aside from expense tracking and billing, QuickBooks also has a Sales Invoicing System which  makes it easy for your Accounting /Finance people to track the invoices sent to your customers. These invoices can be sent through email automatically thus saving you the hassle of having to use snail mail and saving paper as well. Invoices can be sent to individual customers or, if you have big clients, you can send them by batch. QuickBooks Pro offer the convenience of being able to accept payments via credit and debit cards. The Pro program allows scanning of checks into its Check Solution function doing away with manual data entry.

4. Comprehensive Reporting

All sorts of reports can be generated by QuickBooks like expenses, forecasting and trends and year-over-year income documents. These reports can also be exported into a spreadsheet format and shared/sent through email.

5. Designed for Ease of Use

Perhaps this is the most outstanding feature of the program – being user-friendly. Your employees won’t be productive unless they know how to use the program and QuickBooks developers made sure that their software can be easily learn even by newbies.

The new user setup even provides an orientation procedure and the program’s features is just a click away for easy activation.

QuickBooks has two business packages you can choose from : for the individual contractor ($5/month) to the business owners (starts at $10/month).

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Watch the video below to learn more and see QuickBooks in action.

Quickbooks Vs Peachtree : Peachtree

QuickBooks vs Peachtree

Peachtree Is Now Sage 50

Now let’s look at the competition: Peachtree.

Peachtree is now known as Sage 50 but it is still the same software with the the same great features as its competitor. Like what we did for QuickBooks, we will now show you some of the best and new features that Peachtree have (see below).

  1. Support Chat
  2. Order to Invoice Conversion
  3. Purchase Order Linked Inventory
  4. Excellent Record Maintenance
  5. User-Customizable Lists
  6. More File Types Add Attachments
  7. Personalized Emails For Customers
  8. Enhanced Business Intelligence Reports
  9. More Options For Customer Payments
  10. Scalability
  11. Automatic Software Updates

Though it might look that QuickBooks have more features based on the lists given, we will further show you Peachtree’s features that may suit your business better.

As mentioned above, Peachtree now has a one-click support within the program itself. If a user gets stuck and needs help, the software’s one-click help button will instantly connect him/her to a customer service representative to get the needed answers.

With the Order To Invoice feature, Peachtree lets you create invoices from the sales orders you receive. This effectively cuts invoicing time and you get paid faster.

Keeping up to date inventory can be a nightmare but with Peachtree’s Purchase Order linked Inventory System, you are assured that everything is in order as your inventory is automatically updated based on the Purchase Orders you receive.

Another standout feature of Peachtree is its accurate record maintenance. Users can easily and quickly generate reports via the Maintain Vendors screen. Everything is there – Invoice, Quotes, Receipts and Sales Orders. Users can also create new customers, vendors and items from this screen alone.

Creating Lists has also been improved with the new version of Peachtree. Since everything is linked within the program, users can generate any list they need for any data the software handles.

File attachments have also been updated and now users can add more file types and documents which they can attache to records or transactions.

Sending emails to customers is an integral part of business, but Peachtree allows users to create a more personalized email for each of their clients. This gives each communication that much needed personal touch which customers crave and make them feel important.

To keep abreast of the status of your business, Peachtree made its reporting tool more powerful to give you accurate and up to date numbers that is crucial to your venture’s success. Reports can be generated using Peachtree’s simplified and modernized user-interface that is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Getting paid by your customers is the key to keep your business afloat and Peachtree has vastly expanded the ways a customer can pay you. Your clients can now pay anywhere using any payment options like cash, credit or debit cards.

Peachtree has also been made to scale to your business needs. Whether you have just a single user or a whole team of users, the software allows you to add users easily.

Lastly, Peachtree automatically updates itself so you won’t have to bother keeping tabs on updates. When an update becomes available for your software, it is delivered to you without any hassle. The next time your users fire up Peachtree, they are assured of running the latest version of the program.

Peachtree (Sage 50) has three versions to suit your need and these start at $12.42 per month.

Here’s a short video of Peachtree:

I hope with this Quickbooks vs Peachtree comparison you can decide which accounting/finance software will best fit your business. Now the decision is up to you. Which one will you choose from the QuickBooks vs Peachtree battle?

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