Quick Note Extension For Google Chrome

Quick Note Extension for Google Chrome is specially designed for taking lightweight notes. It can be used as a simple notepad, scratchpad, clipboard, or can be used to record to do lists. It can be used for easily taking notes while browsing web. It is similar to notepad but have few less features because it is designed for taking quick and lightweight notes. Quick Note provides some great features to the user for their ease and help such few features are :

Quick add and edit:  As its name Quick note provides a faster way to add and edit notes easily. You can add notes in the app or you can add notes from the Right-click menu.

Quick Search: You can find all your notes instantly in Quick Note.

Quick access: It provides very quick one click access to all of your notes, hence easy to edit and access any note.

Synchronization: You can Sync to cloud and access your notes anywhere and anytime with ease.

Quick Note Extension For Google Chrome

The new Quick Note v1.2 provides Sync with Diigo.com thus enabling you to access your notes from any chrome. Once you have connected the app with Diigo.com, you can access and add notes from Android, Mac and iPad easily.

Further more improvements will be added very soon to Quick Note such as more sleek interface and integration with some additional cloud based services such as Dropbox, Box.net, Google docs and Evernote. So that you can have access wherever you want.

Usage of Quick Note Extension requires granting it permission to capture anonymous click stream data. Anonymous usage and browsing activity may be collected for research purposes and may be shared with third parties in aggregate. Whereas no personally identifying information will be captured in connection with this data.

Install Quick Note Extension For Google Chrome

  • Go to Quick Note page at Google chrome web store
  • Click “Sign In to Add” and log into your Google account
  • Select “Add Chrome” and then click “Add”
  • Use Quick Note Extension For Google Chrome

Creating Notes

  • Go to any Web page and “Right click” the page
  • Select “New Note”
  • Type your text and click “Close”. The first line of your note will be shown as heading and all other text will be saved.

Save Notes to Diigo

  • Go to New Web page
  • Right click the page and select “New Note”
  • Type few words into the New Note and click on Triangle icon to expand the note and view the panel with existing notes.
  • Go to Panel and click “Save online” and that’s it.

Manage Notes

  • Click the “Triangle” icon at top of Note
  • Go to “Settings” icon and click to view settings panel.
  • Sign in to your Diigo account if you have one or click “Google Account” and then click “Allow”.
  • Fill out required information on Diigo sign up page
  • Click “Create the account and connect with Google”

Sign In Diigo using Google account

  • Enter User name and Password and click Sign In twice to sign in to Diigo

Note: Using Quick Note does not require sign in to Diigo it is only for those who want to access notes from anywhere.

Using quick note is very easy and safe. You can access your notes from any place if you have Internet connection and edit them. Quick Note is absolutely free and available on the Google Chrome Web store. Quick Note is also available for Android, iPads and Mac for free on their respective app stores.

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