Play Pokemon Go On Your PC Using Bluestacks

Play Pokemon Go On Your PC Using Bluestacks – Nintendo released the original Pokemon game way back in 1996. The game was developed by Creature Inc. and Game Freak for the Game Boy. It is the the second most successful game franchise of all time with more than 279 million games sold the world over. Pikachu is the series’ well known Pokemon and mascot.

Play Pokemon Go on your PC

The Original Game Boy

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Now, the next generation of the Pokemon Game franchise had been released for both Android and iOS devices. Almost everyone is playing Pokemon Go on their gadgets and everyone is trying to “catch ’em all“! The app is an augmented reality (AR) game that combines the real world with the Pokemon Game World. If you haven’t caught the Pokemon Go fever yet, then you’re missing all the fun that everyone is having. The game has become a worldwide phenomenon and has everyone driving, running, walking and even swimming to catch those elusive pokemons.

Some people have also run into trouble and accidents trying to catch Pokemons. Also, entrepreneurs are having a blast at the sales of Pokemon items and souvenirs and cashing in big time with the Pokemon Go craze!

play pokemon go on your pc

For this article, we are going to show you how to play Pokemon Go on your PC! There are some work involved to get the game running on your computer but it’s not that hard. Anyone with some technical knowledge can do it and with our guide, the procedure will even be more simpler. Just follow our guide below.

Play Pokemon Go On Your PC Using Bluestacks

First things first. In order for you to play the game, you should have the following:

  1. A Windows computer (of course!).
  2. BlueStacks Android Emulator For Windows.
  3. KingRoot (Root app for Android)
  4. Lucky Patcher (to change app permissions)
  5. Fake GPS Pro (Not free, but you can check out this link to get the apk file)
  6. Pokemon Go (the Game!)

After getting all these needed files/requirements, we are now ready to setup your Windows PC to run Pokemon Go. A bit of warning though: Since you will not be running around chasing Pokemons on your PC, you will need to use GPS Spoofing. This violates the game developer’s Terms of Service which could get you disallowed from the game. You have been warned!

Play Pokemon Go On Your PC : Setting Up Your PC

Step 1. Install BlueStacks.

Step 2. Setup up a Google Account (if you don’t have one).

Step 3. Open BlueStacks and install KingRoot (Select the “KingRoot APK” file from your computer).

Play Pokemon Go on your PC

Step 4. Open KingRoot after installation and click “Try it” then “Fix Now“.

Step 5. KingRoot’s “Security Index” will show. Choose “Optimize Now“. Close KingRoot.

Step 6. Restart BlueStacks.

Play Pokemon Go on your PC

Step 7. Copy files from Windows to BlueStacks – Choose the “Folder Icon” on BlueStacks left sidebar and open FakeGPS. 

Step 8. Install “Lucky Patcher” by following the same procedure for installing KingRoot. Open Lucky Patcher and Allow access.

Step 9. In Lucky Patcher, choose “Rebuild & Install“. Then choose sdCard, then Windows, last BstSharedFolder. Choose the FakeGPS Apk file and then Install as a System App. Choose Yes to confirm installation.

Play Pokemon Go on your PC

Step 10. Restart BlueStacks to apply all changes.

Step 11. After restarting BlueStacks, you can now install Pokemon Go using the same procedure as before.

Step 12. Again, in BlueStacks, choose Settings, then Location. Set the Mode to High Accuracy.

Step 13. Disable any Windows GPS service.

Step 14. Setup FakeGPS in Lucky Patcher.

Play Pokemon Go On Your PC

Step 15. Select FakeGPS from the list, then choose Launch App. Follow the instructions on the pop-up window.

Play Pokemon Go On Your PC

Step 16. Select “Expert Mode” by clicking the dotted button in the upper right hand corner then choose “Settings“. A “Warning” will be shown and you can read it then click OK to confirm.

Play Pokemon Go On Your PC

Step 17. Go back to the map and select your location. You can choose any place in the world.

Play Pokemon Go On Your PC

Step 18. Save your location and click the orange (Play) button in the lower right hand corner to connect to the fake location.

Step 19. Go catch ’em all!

It may take some time for your game to start but when it does, it will be just like you’re using a smartphone. Log in using your Google account to either start a new game or to continue a game you previously connected with your Google account.

Watch the video below for the complete tutorial.

The Pokemon Go phenomenon is just starting and we will see if this fad will last in just a couple of weeks/months. In the meantime, enjoy the game in the comfort of your home by using our guide.

If your found our tutorial “Play Pokemon Go On Your PC Using Bluestacks” useful, please let us know. You can also share it with your friends and start collecting all those Pokemons!

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