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Best Android Apps to Learn English: Must Have

Best Android Apps to Learn English:- A Smartphone is called smart because it usually helps you with every single aspect, and to serve the same a whole lot of apps are available. In this article we’ll talk about the android department. So as per the English language

Use Google Maps without Internet: Best Ways

Use Google Maps without Internet:- The Android Play store as we all know is a very packed stage for a whole lot of apps. This is the main reason why Android is so popular and fame earning operating system, because almost for every single purpose it has

Best Android Apps For Hindi Music: A Guide

Best Android Apps For Hindi Music:- Music is like a lifeline to a lot of people, in fact everyone in this world is connected to music to some or the other extent. Music is one thing which is like a best friend to you. It is there

Microsoft Announced Windows 9 : Special Report

Microsoft Announced Windows 9:- After one of the highly criticized version of the operating system by Microsoft i.e the windows 8, Microsoft is once again all set to captivate it’s hard earned respect and fame by introducing the new version of windows viz the Windows 9. Though

USB’s or CD’s Autoplay Not Working : Fixed

USB’s or CD’s Autoplay Not Working:- Nowadays Computer has become one of the basic necessity for a human being. Almost everything can be accomplished using a computer. It seems quite easy and cool unless an error occurs. A computer is a electronic device which can perform a

Is Xiaomi MI3 Worth Buying? : A Helpful Review

Is Xiaomi MI3 Worth Buying:- Xiaomi as we all know is a popular brand in terms of smartphones nowadays. It is basically a very popular Chinese electronic company which was founded around 4 years back. Xiaomi is always known for its flagship launches. The Xiaomi MI series