Mute or Block in Twitter: Useful Guide

Mute or Block in Twitter:- Twitter as we all know is one of the most famous formats for sharing your views worldwide. The app is exclusively made to tweet or comment regarding all the things happening in day to day life. Almost everyone nowadays uses twitter from a common man to a famous celebrity. It’s a common format for all where people can express their views and others can comment on your views. But it also creates problem sometimes, as there are many fake personalities also who may make cheap comments in your post which may give you disrespect at times. The intention of these types of people is just to make you feel low so what you can do is you can just mute or block these types of users in order to protect yourself from all these type of comments. So this article tells how to Mute or Block in twitter.

Mute or Block in TwitterMute:-

Twitter allows the feature to follow someone and people can also follow you. Now time may come when you want that a specific tweet should not be visible in your time without un-following the person, then you can go for the mute option. Mute doesn’t mean you are blocking that person. Muted user can even follow you and he can also send text messages to you. Even he can also reply to your tweet. To mute any person these are the steps:

  • If you are on the web, then go to the person’s tweet
  • At the right most corner you will see a “more” option
  • Click on the “more” option and click “mute” option
  • You can also mute the person by going to his profile page.
  • If you are using in your Android device then you can go to the “gear” option and mute the us


Block is another option which can be used if someone is spamming you or irritating you by any means. By blocking that person he won’t be able to follow or add your account. You will not be able to see his posts and even the same is for him, he also will not be able to see your posts. These are the steps to block or report against a user:

  • Go to the twitter profile of that user
  • Press the “gear” icon and press block
  • You can also report against the user
  • The same procedure is for report option. You just have to click the report option this time.

The block option will block the user while with the report option you can tell twitter about your problem. You have to select a reason for your report like the user is spamming you or the user is abusive etc. if you choose the user is abusive then you have to fill a form in which twitter will ask you the information regarding your reason.

In the end would like to conclude by saying that now you don’t have to worry about any fake personalities. You can use your account without any difficulty or irritation.

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