Moto 360 Specifications : A Circular Surprise

Moto 360 Specifications:- Technology is flourishing widely nowadays. A simple example to back the above statement can be that after the smartphones now it’s time for the smart-watches. No one in the universe would have ever thought that the watches they were wearing at that time will also be a bait for the technology. Google nowadays is doing a lot of inventions. After many successive smartphones now it’s time for something new. So here comes a perfect match of technology and good looks i.e the Moto 360 Smart-watch. Now this is not the first gadget of its type. Smart-watches of Apple, Samsung etc are already available in the stores, but one thing which is extremely different this time is unlike the rectangular or square shaped displays this smart-watch has got an astonishing circular dial which further is adding glory to this smart-watch.

Moto 360 Specifications

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Now after the intro part let’s talk about the features and specifications the smart-watch is carrying. The Moto 360 looks perfect with a circular screen which is a 1.5 inches Backlit LCD display. As we all know that Motorola is owned by Google now so all doubts regarding the platform of the smart-watch are almost transparent. Quite obviously the Moto 360 will have an Android platform. Also it will have a screen touch panel. Now another important area of concern is the battery backup of this smart-watch. Although no proper battery time is revealed yet but it’s sure that the smart-watch is capable of wireless charging also the Moto officials have claimed that they have worked this time with the battery problem. Along with which the watch has also got many salivary features like a ambient light sensor, a heart rate sensor, an inbuilt pedometer, a Bluetooth, also the Moto 360 is water resistant. The Moto 360 is expected to hit the stores by the first week of September with a price tag of around 250$, which makes this gadget a high budget deal but as far as the Moto 360 specifications are concerned the price if gets slightly lower then the smart-watch is worthy.

Key Specifications:
  • 1.5 inches LCD display
  • Android Platform
  • No Camera
  • Wireless charging
  • Various sensors ( heart rate, ambient light )
  • Bluetooth
  • Water resistant

So this was all about the Moto 360 Specifications. Moto 360 smart-watch is all set to hit the stores. In the end I would just like to conclude by saying that the price tag given to the smart-watch is rumored to be around 250$ which is although quite reasonable if we consider the rivals, however if the smart-watch gets down to around 200$ then it will be a good deal and worth your hard earned money.

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