Mortal Kombat X Release Date, GamePlay, Characters for PC/PS4/Xbox One

Mortal Kombat X Release Date for PC/PS4/Xbox One: Mortal Kombat X by NetherRealm Studios is nextin the Mortal Kombat game series. It is a fighting game and will be released on April 14, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. However Mortal Kombat X Release date for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is not yet announced. The mobile version of game Mortal Kombat X is under development for iOS and Android devices.

Mortal Kombat X Release Date Gameplay

Mortal Kombat X GamePlay

Mortal Kombat X like previous versions of game series is a fighting game. In this game two players fight against each other using special moves and attacks. Fighters are able to interact with the environment. There are Mortal Kombat X fatalities to hurt your opposition badly. In this article we will have a look at Mortal Kombat X Gamfaqs and also Mortal Kombat X trailer. Mortal Kombat X gameplay is including story, King of the hill, Survivor, 1 vs 1 ranked and test your luck modes in the game. Mortal Kombat X Release date is not too far away so be ready for the epic clash.Download Tekken 6 for Android?iOS Devices

Mortal Kombat X Characters

Character Gameplay variations
Cassie Cage Spec Ops Hollywood Brawler
D’Vorah Brood Mother Swarm Queen Venomous
Ermac Spectral Mystic Master of Souls
Erron Black Marksman Gunslinger Outlaw
Ferra/Torr Ruthless Vicious Lackey
Goro1 Tigrar Fury Kuatan Warrior Dragon Fangs
Jacqui Briggs Shotgun Full Auto High Tech
Jax Pumped Up Heavy Weapons All American
Johnny Cage A-List Fisticuffs Stunt Double
Kano Commando Cutthroat Cybernetic
Kenshi Possessed Balanced Kenjutsu
Kitana Mournful Royal Storm Assassin
Kotal Kahn Sun God Blood God War God
Kung Jin Ancestral Bojutsu Shaolin
Kung Lao Hat Trick Tempest Buzz Saw
Liu Kang Flame Fist Dragon’s Fire Dualist
Mileena Ethereal Piercing Ravenous
Quan Chi Summoner Sorcerer Warlock
Raiden Master of Storms Thunder God Displacer
Reptile Noxious Deceptive Nimble
Scorpion Inferno Ninjutsu Hellfire
Shinnok Impostor Bone Shaper Necromancer
Sonya Blade Covert Ops Demolition Special Forces
Sub-Zero Grandmaster Cryomancer Unbreakable
Takeda Shirai Ryu Lasher Ronin

Guest character

Gameplay variations
Jason Voorhees2 TBA TBA TBA
Predator2 TBA TBA


Mortal Kombat X New Characters are listed in BOLD

1: Mortal Kombat X Playable Characters via pre-order bonus

2: Available as part of Kombat Pack

Mortal Kombat X Release Date Trailer

The game is also including a new, original and non linear storyline. Which will include some of oldest characters of game. Mortal Kombat X song in background energizes the fighters so as they can fight each other brutally. Download Real Racing 3 for PC

Mortal Kombat X Release Date

April 14, 2015 is decided as Mortal Kombat X Release date ofr PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Mortal kombat X game for PS3 and Xbox 360 will be released later.

Buy Mortal Kombat X Game for PC/Xbox One/PS4

The Mortal Kombat X is going to be really addictive and full of thrillers. As previous seasons of the Mortal Kombat video game were exciting as usual. Be ready for the thrill and fear. Mortal Kombat X comic books are also available in the market. Mortal Kombat movie and Mortal Kombat x YouTube trailers are already in the market for a while.

Watch Mortal Kombat X Trailer Here

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If you are an action and fighting addict you should have to keep eyes at the Mortal Kombat X release date. Be alive on 14th April, 2015 folks. If you have any other query, feel free to share with us via commenting below.

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