Microsoft Xbox One Gaming Console Released in India

After eight year since the launch of Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox One game console was released in India on Tuesday midnight. It was available on Amazon for pre-order for more than a month. Since Xbox 360 the Indian market has been changed a lot. As there is a large growth in smartphone market and people are ready to pay very high for smartphones and high end electronics. Use of smartphone has grown the number of gamers in the country to a great extent. The first console was delivered to its ecstatic user in Mumbai.

Microsoft Xbox One
There are many people who like to buy expensive gaming consoles for better gaming experience. The new Microsoft Xbox One uses an AMD APU that has 1.75 GHz Octa-core jaguar processor with 500GB storage, Radeon 7000-series GPU and 8GB of RAM. It has subdued dark design and look like a boxy DVD player.
The Microsoft Xbox One was announced more than a year ago and was on sale internationally. It is very much similar to that of Play station 4. However The Play station 4 has slight edge on Xbox One in terms of performance but the difference is very minor. If you have been using gaming consoles you will experience jaw dropping jump in Xbox One from Xbox 360. The various specifications and games are well known today for the console.

Extra Features in Microsoft Xbox One

The Microsoft Xbox one can turn any screen into a smart –TV, enabling you to use web, stream music and movies, check your social networks etc. when connected to Internet. It also includes an HDMI-in port to connect with your TV set-top box.
The Microsoft Xbox One comes with an option to buy with or with Kinect sensor at price of INR45,990 and INR39,990 respectively. The Xbox One with Kinect sensor will have Dance Central and FIFA 15 while the other have FIFA 15 only. There are many games available for Xbox One because it was released internationally few months before its release in India. It does not means that you are a hardcore gamer if you are buying the Microsoft Xbox One. One can buy it if he plays games occasionally as it provides a great second screen experience with SmartGlass feature that lets you watch your TV shows on your smartphone or tablet over the home network. The Xbox One is also supposed to have support for MKV video over DLNA via a software update.
Microsoft Xbox One is provided with one HDMI-in for set top box, one HDMI out for connecting to TV, optical out for audio, a port for power cable, two USB ports, ports for Kinect and Ethernet. Everything is provided on front side except the USB ports. The model that comes with Kinect needs a place to keep camera which must be slim enough to be placed under your TV without any problems. In the box there is a Headset, an HDMI cable and one game controller. If you need other game controller than you can buy it for INR3,999 online. The new controller is a lot sleeker than the controller with Xbox 360. The design of triggers and bumpers has been streamlined.


The high price tag of the device with minimum of INR39,990 and the prices of new games on the Microsoft Xbox One makes it clear that the game console is not made for everyone as it will be very costly to buy the console and games for it. You can also buy previous game consoles which also have great library of games and good media centers as well like the Xbox 360 and Play station 3 which are much cheaper (INR15,990 and INR16,990 respectively) than the Xbox One.

The Xbox One also has apps for Indian content providers such as Bigflix, Gaana and Hungama to stream music and movies online with lot of new apps to added later. The Microsoft Xbox One will be sold exclusively via e-commerce platform on Amazon in India.

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