Microsoft Delays Windows Server And System Center To 2016

Microsoft has decided to break its historic reign of launching its server platform alongside general consumer release of Windows. Microsoft, in a blog post has confirmed that Windows Server and System Center will not launch until 2016. It is seen as the Windows Server and System Center lacked many features and still building so it is delayed.

Windows server and System center

While the Microsoft Windows 10 will be released in 2015 the Windows Server and System Center is delayed until 2016 as it won’t be completed until then. However next version preview of the Windows Server and System Center will be released along with the release of Windows 10. As we know the first preview of Windows Server Next was available on 1st October,2014 same day as preview of Windows 10 was released. The next version of Windows Server and System Center includes new and updated Hyper-V,Active Directory Federation Services, storage,directory services, improvements to clustering,Web application proxy, Networking, PowerShell, Remote Desktop Services and few other features.Windows 10

Microsoft Server and Cloud team announced “Our next preview is planned for the spring of 2015. Windows server will continue to share the same core technology as Windows and we will continue working together on solutions for our customers”. They also said that they are busy building next version of Windows Server and System Center.

However Microsoft team has declined to speak about the reasons to Delaying the Windows Server and System Center. Although Microsoft h as released a statement for explaining the delay of Windows Server and System Center.

According to ZdNet the statement reads as “In order to build out these investment and take the time needed, we believe that allowing for adequate customer and partner feedback and participation is critical. Accordingly, we have decided to deliver a series of high quality preview releases through this calender year along with investments to accelerate at-scale customer deployments.

Microsoft Windows 10

However one may also think as it was too early to release new server after the previous server release in 2012 as Windows Server 2012 R2.

Microsoft has confirmed the delay of Windows server and System Center but they did not have cleared what it would be called so? Will it be Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server Next, only time and Microsoft knows this. So wait for that moment when it is revealed.

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