Microsoft Announced Windows 9 : Special Report

Microsoft Announced Windows 9:- After one of the highly criticized version of the operating system by Microsoft i.e the windows 8, Microsoft is once again all set to captivate it’s hard earned respect and fame by introducing the new version of windows viz the Windows 9. Though the Windows 8 was planned for the modern civilization. As nowadays touch screens are available so the new idea of introducing the icons in the form of tiles was planned, which however looked quite good but was harshly rejected by the crowd. The start button was missing and also the overcrowded home screen created a lot of chaos and was a bit confusing. Also by the end of October no PC with Windows 7 will be out in the market and you have to have the windows 8 with you in your PC or laptop. So in order to decrease the pain of the buyers Microsoft announced Windows 9.

Microsoft Announced Windows 9

Now the Windows 8 led to failure as the interface was very confusing and also because the earlier version of windows was a huge success due to its simplicity and user friendly interface. Windows 7 undoubtedly is the best version of Windows till now. This was the reason that after the introduction of the Windows 8 the sales of Windows 7 PC’s did not collapsed. But now since Windows 7 is going to say good bye to the PC world( however security updates will be available to the user until 2020) So there was a need of a newer version which led to the creation of the all new Windows 9 currently named as the “Threshold”. The newer version of windows is expected to get unveiled by the last of September, according to The Verge. The “Threshold” is currently under development and the Microsoft is expected to release a preview of the final product by the end of September. The Microsoft by introducing the new version of windows is hoping to somehow minimize the damage caused by the Windows 8. So the newer version of Windows is once again going to have a small “Start” button which will recoil the happiness of the Windows 7 lovers. Windows 9 is expected to have a whole lot of new features in order to make a user fall in love with the windows version. A bit confusing yet powerful Metro style tiles will have separate window to work on. Microsoft is also planning to introduce more apps for the new Windows in order to give equal competition to it’s rivals in the market. Also a very catchy feature which got introduced in the not so popular widows 8 “Cortana” is available in the new Windows and that too with a increased performance level. Cortana as we all know is a strong competition to the Apple’s siri and Google’s Speak now. These are the specifications that are going to feature the all new Windows 9. Though Microsoft officials have given an idea of that around 15 new features will be introduced with the new Windows but out of which only few are leaked which are described above. So this was all about the special report on Microsoft Announced Windows 9.

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