Leadpages Vs Instapage : Which Should You Use?

Leadpages Vs Instapage : Which Should You Use? – When someone visits a website, the first screen he/she will see is the Home page or as the technical people will call the “Landing page“. The landing page may also refer to the page where a link directs the websurfer when that link is clicked.

So it is safe to say that a website’s Home or Landing page should be attractive and user-friendly. It should be easily navigable and should not overwhelm the users with too much information. It should also present to the visitors what they are looking for; be it information, the latest news or in case of an online shipping website, the products the users are searching for.

This is where Landing page makers or software come in. These programs should make designing landing pages easy and accessible to anyone with a website.

Right now, there are two leading Landing page creator in the market: Leadpages and Instapage. For this article, we are going to discuss the features of each program for you to see which one is right for you.

First up – The Leadpages Program

Leadpages vs Instapage

Create Landing Pages With LeadPages

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LeadPages Features

With LeadPages, you can create landing pages easily. You don’t have to know and programming language or skills because LeadPages uses a drag and drop interface to create your landing page. What to put an image here? Just drag the picture right where you want it to be. Everything works with LeadPages: text, buttons, and widgets can be quickly added to your landing page with a drag and a drop.

Leadpages Drag and drop

Source: Leadpages.com

LeadPages also features tons of mobile-friendly themes/templates that looks great on your devices. These customizable theme are responsive so they scale up or down depending on the device you are using. Analytics are also included with your LeadPages package so you can easily see how your site is doing. If you have existing marketing tools, you can integrate them with LeadPages for automatic promotion of your site.

One good feature of LeadPages is its Lead Capture Pop-Up. You can easily add new contacts to your mailing list by capturing new leads sign up using the Lead Capture Pop-Up on any page of your site. You can then send your pitch to your new contacts via email.

Another great feature of LeadPages is the SMS Opt-in Codes and 1-Click Signup Links. LeadDigits is LeadPages’ tool that allows you to capture opt-ins via SMS from users with their mobile phones. One your new contacts sign up, you can now invite them to your webinars and other events that promote your site and your products.

Other LeadPages features include HTML editing (for those who know programming), SEO-friendly pages, simple WordPress Plugin, and even a countdown timer to alert your customers about your webinars and other important events have lined up for them.

Sneak Peak Behind the Doors

Below you can find a quick video outlining the basics behind creating a landing page with leadpages. Just bare in mind that these kind of programs are constantly being updated, meaning the interface may change a bit. The concepts and principles will remain the same

LeadPages Pricing Plans

LeadPages has three pricing schemes that will suite everyone’s need. The Standard package intended for Home Business owners and Solo-Preneurs costs $25/month. Their Pro package, for small businesses and professional marketers, can be had for $49/month. For the big business owners and for large marketing teams, LeadPages has its Advance package that costs $199/month.

All in all, LeadPages in a feature-rich landing page creator program that you should check out.

Now for the InstaPage Program

Leadpages vs Instapage

InstaPage Landing Page Creator

Now we’ll take a look at LeadPages’ main competitor, InstaPage

The Most Powerful Landing Page Platform” – InstaPage’s website boast! Is it?

To find out if it really is, let’s look at InstaPage’s features, shall we?

InstaPage Features

First up is the programs ease of use. Like Leadpages, InstaPage also uses a user-friendly drag and drop editing interface for easy landing page creation. InstaPage’s generously store more than 5,000 fonts and a whopping 33,000 {although their site says 30,000,00(?)} images for their users.

InstaPage also carry a slew of customizable themes/templates which are all mobile-friendly and responsive. Landing pages created using InstaPage will also look great on any platform. You can also import/export themes or create their own. This feature will further make your page stand out.

Similar to LeadPages, you can play with fonts, widgets, and countdown timers. A feature that InstaPage brag is parallax scrolling. This allows you create very modern-looking pages that looks great and sophisticated.

InstaPage’s Lead Generation System bundles a lot of tools to greatly increase your contacts and your customer base. The system includes a form builder, customizable confirmation message generator, a two-step Opt-in pop up form on the landing page, automatic digital assets delivery, and much more.

Of course, no system will be complete without Analytics and InstaPage has that tool too to give you valuable data on how to improve your site and your business. Aside from this, integration with your existing marketing system is another rich feature of InstaPage.

Video Walkthrough of What is Possible

The following video goes through most of the features available in InstaPage. Hopefully it will be able to give you a clear comparison between Leadpages and Instapage and help you to see what is possible.

InstaPage Pricing Plans

Like LeadPages, InstaPage also has three pricing schemes: the Basic Annual can be had for $29/month; $55/month for the Professional Annual; and for the full Premium Annual Service – its $79/month.

Some Closing Words

LeadPages definitely has the edge in popularity and a proven track record. As a solo-preneur myself, I like leadPages just a little bit better. however, I learned it before looking at instapage. Things might have turned out differently had it been the other way around.

In the end, Instapage and LeadPages both pretty much do the same thing, which means it all comes down to personal fit. Give one of them a go, and if you don’t like it, try the other one!

After reading about the features of both LeadPages and InstaPage, which one do you think will fit your needs?

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