Is Xiaomi MI3 Worth Buying? : A Helpful Review

Is Xiaomi MI3 Worth Buying:- Xiaomi as we all know is a popular brand in terms of smartphones nowadays. It is basically a very popular Chinese electronic company which was founded around 4 years back. Xiaomi is always known for its flagship launches. The Xiaomi MI series has been a center of interest for a whole lot of people worldwide. After a successive sales of the MI1 and MI2, the Xiaomi nowadays has launched another forerunner device i.e the MI3. The MI3 as its ancestors is also getting a lot of fame from the audience. In this article we will talk about all the good and bad things regarding the Xiaomi MI3 and is Xiaomi MI3 worth buying?

Is Xiaomi MI3 worth buying?

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Reasons To Buy Xiaomi MI3:
  • The Xiaomi MI3 runs on an Android operating system ( android 4.3 kitkat) and has got a powerful 2.3 GHz quadcore processor which is featured by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, which is quite brilliant
  • The smartphone has got a giant 5 inches HD IPS display which makes your visual experience a treat to your eyes. The display is also protected using Gorilla glasses which makes the smartphone more durable.
  • The Photographic equipment of this smartphone is nevertheless, it has got a 16 MP rear camera with LED flash which can capture stunning pictures along with a 2 MP of front camera for video calling purpose.
  • The phone has got 2 GB of RAM due to which the device will hang less and hence will work quite smoothly. In addition to this it has also got a 16 GB of built in memory out of which 12 GB will be available for the user.
  • Talking about the battery the smartphone has got a giant 3050 mAh battery which can be used for a complete day with heavy usage. Other additional features include dual band Wi-Fi and NFC, Bluetooth etc..
  • Also talking about the build and looks, the phone looks somewhat like an Apple iPhone from sides also the position of speakers is also the same as in an Apple iPhone.
Reasons To Drop Xiaomi MI3:
  • First and foremost reason to drop the thought of buying the Xiaomi MI3 is that the availability of this phone is a major issue. The smartphone is not readily available in the stores in India. Online option is available to get this smartphone but its almost out of stock every time.
  • Now let’s suppose you are lucky enough to get the smartphone. Next happens what, after unboxing the device what you’ll find will be a Xiaomi MI3 (without any screen guard ) and a charger set. The box doesn’t contain a headset. So now buying a good quality headset would cost you another 1000 Rupees plus a screen guard which would add up another 200-300 rupees to the total price.
  • Next let’s talk about the memory section. Since the smartphone is a heavily loaded one so the user will install heavy apps which will require large space, this is where the problem occurs as the smartphone has only got a 16 GB built in memory out of which only 12 GB is available to the user which is quite low for such a brilliant specification line-up. The smartphone is not enabled with an external SD card.
  • Now technology is getting updated day by day. After the 3G now its time for the 4G, which is already available in some cities in India also. The smartphone is not having a 4G support. Though it is a point of concern today but after 4G will extend it’s branches someday then the Xiaomi user’s will feel left out.
  • Another important area of concern of any smartphone is its after sale service. And as we all know that Xiaomi has came into action only 4 years ago. Although Xiaomi has provided service centres in many cities but still being a new company the availability of service centres is also limited which may somehow affect the user.


So this was all about the Xiaomi MI3 and is Xiaomi MI3 worth buying? I’ve provided almost all the pros and cons of the Xiaomi MI3 Smartphone. The smartphone on one side has a very powerful specification line-up but on the other hand it has also got some flaws. But after looking at the price tag one automatically gets attracted towards this smartphone as it is available for only Rs 13999 in India. So an honest verdict would be like if the brand name is not affecting you anyways then this is a premium smartphone with astonishing specifications.

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