How to Increase YouTube Buffering Speed: Best Methods

How to Increase YouTube Buffering Speed? One of a most prominent concerns for many YouTube viewers. At the moment when you are reading this article, there will be millions of users streaming videos on YouTube. It is the best source to watch any video of your choice. It may be TV serials, movies, funny videos, music videos, concerts etc on YouTube itself. YouTube is arguably the best video streaming network with billions of views daily. However it is never easy to watch videos on YouTube if you have slow Internet Connection or poor Wi-Fi Signal Strength. If you have slow Internet Connection then videos will keep buffering on and on, and you will be frustrated due to slow YouTube video buffering. So, if you’re facing slow buffering problem in YouTube than you are at right place. This article will explain how to increase YouTube Buffering Speed easily and watch videos uninterrupted. Follow the guide below to improve YouTube Buffering Speed.

Buffering Videos in youTube

Factors affecting YouTube Buffering Speed

Buffering speed in YouTube mainly depends on the Internet speed or Bandwidth of your Internet connection. If there is poor signal than you will face slow buffering problem in YouTube. It also depends on the system configurations of the device you are using . It may also arise due to old hardware configurations of your computer. There are many tips and tricks to boost YouTube Buffering Speed. We have discussed few of the below, follow cautiously and you will surely increase YouTube Buffering speed on your system. How to play Torrent videos/Movies without downloading

How to increase YouTube Buffering Speed

There are many methods to improve YouTube Buffering speed, we have discussed them below. Try whichever suits you and boost YouTube Buffering speed on your system.

Increase Internet Speed to Boost YouTube Buffering

This is arguably the best method to increase YouTube Buffering Speed on your system. This method increases your Internet speed by 20%, thus improving YouTube Buffer Speed. This trick will increase internet speed on Windows PC as Microsoft Windows reserves 20% of bandwidth for their own purposes such as updates. By disabling this you can increase YouTube Buffering Speed as well. Follow the steps below to increase internet speed in Windows computer. How to Turn Off Video AutoPlay in Facebook and Twitter

  • Go to Start Menu >> Run >> type “gpedit.msc”.
  • Now select “Local Computer Policy” >> Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates
  • Now go to Network >> Qos Packet Schedular >> Limit Reservable Bandwidth

Boost Buffering Speed of Videos in YouTube

  • Double click on “Limit reservable bandwidth” >> select “Enabled” and set the bandwidth limit to 0.

Increase YouTube Buffering Speed

Use YouTube DNS Server to increase YouTube Buffering Speed

By using YouTube open DNS server, you can increase buffering speed in YouTube to do this, follow steps below:

For XP Users

  • Go to Control Panel >> Network connection >> Select Internet Connection and right click on it
  • Now select Properties >> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) >> Properties
  • Now enter following data value in required fields

Preferred DNS:

Alternate DNS:

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Users

  • Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Centre >> Change Adapter Settings
  • Select your Internet Connection and right click on it and choose properties
  • Now select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IP) >> properties and enter following values:

Preferred DNS:

Alternate DNS:

  • Click Ok and it’s all you have to do.

Use YouTube Feather Beta to Improve Buffering Speed of Videos

It is a smart way to avoid slow buffering problem in YouTube. YouTube Feather Beta allows users to watch their favorite YouTube Videos by providing lowest latency. It increases Videos Buffering speed in YouTube so that you can play videos faster in YouTube. Feather Beta limits some features and use this bandwidth to increase YouTube Buffering Speed. However there are several limitations to YouTube feather Beta .

Limitations of YouTube Feather Beta

  • No Comment, Like, Dislike feature
  • Only 5 related videos are displayed

Use SpeedBit Video Accelerator

This is best third party software to increase YouTube buffering speed. This software increases videos buffering speed in YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo Video, AOL Video, ESPN, MySpace etc. and many other video sites (165 in all).

Download SpeedBit Video Accelerator here

Change Video Quality to increase video buffering in YouTube

This method is very simple but one has to compromise with the video quality. However it might not be pleasing to many users. If you switch to 240p, 360p etc instead of high quality videos, it will increase YouTube Buffering Speed considerably well.

Increase YouTube Buffering Speed

Increase YouTube Video Buffering Speed by Using PC Tricks

If above method did not worked for you in order to increase YouTube Buffering Speed, try these tricks.

  • Go to Run >> type system.ini and press Enter.
  • Now a Notepad will open with something written like this.

Tricks to increase video buffering speed in YouTube

Now copy the text below and paste in the Notepad (don’t delete the text in the Notepad just paste it below that)

page buffer=100Tbps

That’s it.

These are the best methods to increase YouTube buffering speed on your system. However there are several other ways to increase YouTube Buffering Speed. You can clear Cache data such as history, passwords and cookies etc. You can also increase Cache size for flash player to increase buffering speed of YouTube Videos. You can also disable ads on YouTube as they also consume bandwidth of your Internet Connection. YouTube has also started YouTube Offline feature so that one can enjoy playing videos on YouTube without buffering.This is all for now, your comments and queries are welcomed on how to increase YouTube Buffering Speed on your computer. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues.

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