How To Update Jailbroken iPhone : Easy Method

How To Update Jailbroken iPhone : Easy Method – Apple’s latest iOS version is 9.3.1. The company also has a beta version (9.3.2 Beta 1) in the works. These iOS updates address issues and bugs on the iPhone. Apple developers and engineers strive to make their iDevices better. Apple has a huge fan base and they also contribute to make their favorite device greater.

how to update jailbroken iphone

Apple’s latest iOS version

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Apple is very strict on keeping their iOS system close. They want to control and limit what you can do with your iPhone. Apple says this is for the consumers’ security. But a lot of people want to break free from Apple’s hold on their devices. to do this, most people jailbreak their iphones after buying them. They do this to remove or add features that may suite their own preferences. With a jailbroken iPhone you can many customization that Apple discourages. You can also install cracked apps and games on your jailbroken iPhones. Again, we do not condone piracy.

As mentioned before, Apple has released iOS version 9.3.1. If you have a jailbroken iPhone and want to update to the latest iOS version, then you can follow our easy guide below.

How To Update Jailbroken iPhone

Apple’s Flagship iPhone

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How To Update Jailbroken iPhone : Easy Method

Before updating, make sure you back up all your data. You can do this using a PC or Mac (via iTunes) or you can use iCloud to save your files. It’s better to be safe; in case something goes awry with the update. But from experience, using the method mentioned here will not damage your iPhone. Please also remember you will lose all your data if you update your iPhone. You can get back all your data after you update using the back up you made.

Now let’s get on with the update:

  1. Check if you have the latest iTunes installed. If not, download it here.
  2. Install iTunes.
  3. After installation, connect your jailbroken iPhone using the USB cable provided.
  4. Your PC/Mac will detect your iPhone and iTunes will prompt you to update/restore your iPhone.
  5. Choose update and let iTunes do its work.
  6. It could take a while as iTunes will download the latest iOS version before it updates your iPhone.
  7. After updating, you can now restore all your data using the back up you saved.
  8. You can also setup your updated iPhone as a new one if you do not want to restore your data.

You have just updated your iPhone to the latest iOS.

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