How To Update DJI Phantom 3: Quick and Easy Method

How To Update DJI Phantom 3: Quick and Easy Method – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or more commonly known as drones were first developed and used by the military for  reconnaissance and surveillance purposes. Now, recreational drones are available and they are becoming more and more popular especially to those who enjoy sports and other outdoor activities. These machines allow them to capture photos and videos of their actions from any angle possible.

There are many kinds of drones in the market with those made for the newbie to the ultra professional ones. One particular model, the DJI Phantom 3, appeals to both the beginner and the seasoned quadcopter enthusiasts. The DJI Phantom 3 has four variants – the standard, the 4K, the advanced, and the professional.

How To Update DJI Phantom 3: Which Model To Buy

Differences Between The 4 Models

Phantom 3 Standard

This is the cheapest of the 4 models so it is good for those who are just starting to learn how to fly a drone. With that said you can expect “standard” quality from your purchase. First off, the Phantom 3 Standard doesn’t shoot 4K video. It can only capture 2.7K video which is considered good by the masses. The First Person Video (FPV) feed is 720p.

The Phantom 3 Standard also uses a Phantom 2-like controller with a much simpler controller layout compared to the other 3. You won’t get any dedicated buttons/controls for changing the exposure, video playback/recording and there are no buttons on the unit’s back. Mounting your iPad to use as a controller will be a pain because the dated mounting clamp design is small.

how to update dji phantom 3

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Phantom 3 4K

As its name implies, the Phantom 3 4K records videos in 4K resolution. It has all the features of the Phantom 3 Standard plus an iPad-friendlier controller. At present, it is the most affordable 4K quadcopter you can buy.

how to update dji phantom 3

Phantom 3 Advanced

Its a bit strange that DJI priced the Phantom 3 Advance as the Phantom 3 4K. The Phantom 3 Advance has all the features of then Phantom 3 4K except for one thing: recording at 4K. Question is “why should you buy it?”. You should consider buying the Phantom 3 Advance for one main reason: Lightbridge Technology.

Lightbridge allows the Phantom 3 Advance to travel up to 5 kilometers from the controller. That’s 400% farther than the Phantom 3 4K and 500% farther than the Phantom 3 Standard! Lightbridge also allows greater control signal thus more consistent video. Aside from this, the Phantom 3 Advance is more reliable and has better video streaming quality than the Phantom 3 4K.

The Phantom 3 Advance has a GPS module that can simultaneously connect to both American and Russian satellites which makes it even more reliable.

how to update dji phantom 3

Phantom 3 Professional

DJI’s top of the line Phantom 3 Professional has all the bells and whistles of the other models and it comes with a 100W charger. This cuts charging time to less than an hour in contrast to one hour and twenty minutes for the other models.


how to update dji phantom 3

Now that you have an idea of your choices for the Phantom 3 family, we can proceed to the main topic of this post: how to update DJI Phantom 3 the quick and easy way.

How To Update DJI Phantom 3: Quick and Easy Method

Its important to keep your Phantom 3’s firmware updated. These updates offer bug fixes or new features to your drones. Just follow the procedure below to update your Phantom 3.

Before starting, see to it that :

  • You have a DJI account
  • You have the latest versions of DJI Go and DJI Assistant
  • Your mobile gadget and computer have internet access.
  • Your Phantom is fully charged.

Step 1. Download the DJI Go mobile app from this link. Choose the correct file for your OS.

Step 2. Get the DJI Assistant for your computer (Windows : Zip/Exe, Mac: DMG).

Step 3. Download the latest Phantom 3 firmware for your drone from this link.

Step 4. Extract the downloaded file to your computer.

Step 5. Get the SD card from your Phantom 3’s gimbal and connect it to your computer using a USB card reader or via SD Card Slot. Go back to the folder where you extracted the downloaded file and copy only the .bin file to your SD card.

Step 6. Safety eject the SD card from your computer and put it back into your drone’s gimbal (see to it that then vehicle is turned off).

Step 7. Turn on your drone with the SD Card inserted. The firmware update should automatically start. Wait for about 25 minutes for the process to complete. While updating, you will observe the status indicator light above the camera will flash from green to red. You can also hear the aircraft beep with a “D-D-D-D” sequence. When the indicator light turns totally green and the beep sequence turns to “D-DD”, the update is complete. You can now turn off the drone.

Step 8. Again, remove the SD card from the drone’s gimbal and insert it into your computer using the same method in step 5.  Browse the SD card and check the files it contains. You should see a .bin file and a .txt file. The .txt file will tell you the result of the firmware update.

Step 9. Open the .txt file and if it says “Success” that means you have updated your Phantom 3’s firmware correctly. Otherwise, it may say “failed” and you should try the update again. Remember to remove the .txt file before retrying the update.

Step 10. Turn off your Phantom 3 and remove the SD card. Delete both .bin and .txt file before inserting it again into your aircraft.

Check out the video below to see how the process is done.

Now you can enjoy your updated Phantom 3 better after this update.

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