How to Uninstall iTunes From Mac OS X : Best Method

How to Uninstall iTunes From Mac OS X : Whenever there is a talk about quality and performance, the name which comes first is Apple. Arguably the best of all, Apple OX X is the one with great if not best, user interface and performance alongside functionality. If you are talking about Apple Mac OS X, than iTunes is the name which comes first. iTunes comes installed by default as Safari, Mail and other do. iTunes is one of the most important and useful Software on the Mac OS X, It helps users to download and Manage all sorts of digital media on Mac OS X or other Apple products. iTunes is seen as one of the best releases by Apple so  far. There are users who did not like iTunes at all. So we are presenting an easy guide on how to uninstall iTunes from Mac OS X.

How to Uninstall iTunes From Mac OS X

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iTunes is an integral part of OS X to support other Apple features and hardware let it be App Store or iTunes Store. You might not be able to sync apps, music, movies, books etc. with an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. Whereas it is not necessary for OS X now as it was before. iTunes is liked by many people but still there are users who did not like iTunes. If you want to uninstall iTunes from Mac OS X than follow the below guide to easily delete iTunes from Mac OS X. However it is not recommended to uninstall iTunes from Mac OS X, unless there is a valid reason. It is easy to uninstall iTunes from Mac OS X but it can’t be done directly by dragging or moving the iTunes app into the trash bin. There will be an error message showing “ iTunes” can’t be modified or deleted or modified because it’s required by OS X.

How to Uninstall itunes From Mac OS X

How to Uninstall iTunes From Mac OS X : ShortCut Method

Uninstalling/ Deleting iTunes from Windows is simple as by uninstalling it from control panel. But it is not same in Mac OS X. Below are easy steps to remove iTunes from Mac OS X.

  • Open Finder >> Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal
  • Now in Terminal type “ cd /Applications/” this will navigate you to Applications Directory
  • Now type “ sudo rm –rf” this will delete iTunes from Mac OS X
  • Now you will be prompted to provide “Administrator Password”, Enter the same and confirm to remove iTunes from Mac OS X.

How to Delete iTunes From Mac OS X : Drag Method

As you know that if you drag the iTunes app icon directly to the trash bin than warning message is prompted. If this warning message is stopped you will be able to remove iTunes from Mac OS X successfully using drag method. To stop the warning message follow the steps mentioned below

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  • Go to Applications Folder and navigate to iTunes App File
  • Now Right Click (Control Click) on iTunes
  • Select Get Info and now click on “Padlock Icon” located on bottom right side of Window
  • Enter Administrator Password to change App Permission settings.
  • In “Sharing and Permissions” section change the privileges for “everyone” to Read & Write. This will provide us complete control of the iTunes application and we can override the warning message and Delete iTunes from Mac OS X.
  • Close the “Get info” window, Now you can drag iTunes to Trash bin without any warning.

You have successfully deleted iTunes from Mac OS X. Now you can install and use third party apps or software for your media playback. You must know that these above steps taken by you will not harm any of your files or media in the iTunes library. So don’t worry about your media and files.

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How to Install iTunes in Mac OS X

If you have accidentally deleted or uninstalled iTunes form your Mac OS X or any other Apple Device, or you want to re-install iTunes to Mac OS X back again. Just launch the Mac App Store and open software update section, a software update will automatically install iTunes on your Mac OS X. Also You can directly download and install iTunes on your Mac OS X from the Apple website manually.

Download iTunes Directly From Here

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