How To Root Verizon Note 4 in 6 Simple Steps

As many know, rooting a phone can be a valuable way to maximize that device’s capabilities. Unwanted stock apps and functions can finally be eliminated and a phone can truly be customized to a person’s needs.There are some dangers, so be aware that a rooted device is no longer under manufacturer’s warranty, even if you bought it yesterday. That can be a large issue for those trying to learn how to root verizon note 4 due to the hefty price tag. Having no warranty can be a scary thing when you are holding the phone you just dropped on asphalt.

Root Verizon Note 4

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Prepare and Download

Before you begin the rooting process, please be certain that your note 4 has at least 50% power and you must have a USB Driver installed. Once you feel confident that you are ready, download the rooting program. Many people are rightfully wary of downloading unknown programs, so decide first whether any potential risk is outweighed by the possibility of maximizing your phone’s potential.

Extract The Files

When your download has completed successfully, use your extracting program to retrieve the program, Odin3-v3.07, and its 4 files from the zip.

Check Modes

You must have USB Debugging Mode enabled on your note 4 to proceed. Luckily, that actually is the default setting, but do NOT assume that it is on. Check the mode setting before moving forward.

Getting Your Note In Download Mode

Now that you are certain that USB Debugging Mode is enabled, your next task is to put your phone into “Download Mode.” To accomplish this, simultaneously hold down the Volume Down button, the Home button and the Power button until you are given a warning screen. This warning will, of course, warn against your current action, but the important point is you must press the Volume Up button to proceed. You will then get the final download screen.

Start Up With Odin

After the download has completed successfully, start up your note 4 with Odin set as the administrator, then connect your note 4 to your PC with a USB cable. If all done correctly so far, you will receive a message from Odin that its Added. Click on the PDA button and choose the .tar.md5 file from your PC.

Finish and Restart

You must press start in the Odin. Then you just wait for the program to finish rooting, at which point it will restart. If you receive a pass message from Odin, when your phone turns back on you will have complete access and control. Congratulations!

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Root Verizon Note 4

Rooting, if you succeed, offers you a way to use your phone in the best way for your needs. So, take your time going through these steps and be certain you have performed each one accurately. A mistake could cause endless headaches along with the stress of having no protection if you accidently break your phone. Be diligent and enjoy!

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