How To Jailbreak 3DS XL: Hack Your Console The Easy Way

How To Jailbreak 3DS XL: Hack Your Console The Easy Way – The Nintendo 3DS XL was first released in August 29, 2014. It is also known as the Nintendo 3DS LL in Japan. The 3DS XL was updated and the new models now have a faster processor with more cores for quicker loading times and improved overall gaming. The new console also features the following:

  • Face tracking which improves 3D viewing angles
  • Additional ZL/ZR shoulder buttons
  • A new “C-Stick” pointing stick (compatible with games that support the Circle Pad Pro)
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • MicroSD storage
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) that supports Amiibo products
  • Colored face buttons
  • Larger (bigger capacity) batteries

Nintendo confirmed that you can still use/play the games you already own by making the new 3DS XL backwards compatible with existing DS and 3DS titles.

how to jailbreak 3ds xl

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Warning: As always, does not condone piracy and will not be responsible for any lost data or damage to your device if you choose to follow the guide below. This tutorial is for educational purposes only and you accept all risks that comes with jailbreaking your 3DS XL.

You get to play homebrews and “unauthorized” (read: pirated) games when you hack/jailbreak your Nintendo 3DS XL.

For this article, I am going to show you how to jailbreak 3DS XL so you can get more out of your handheld gaming console.

How To Jailbreak 3DS XL: Hack Your Console The Easy Way

Step 1. Go to “System Settings“.

Step 2. Press the “A” button and look at the lower right hand corner of the second screen. Here you will find your “Firmware” version.

Step 3. Write down the “Firmware” version of your console.

Step 4. Download the file you need from this link. Make sure you get the file for your “region“.

Step 5. Extract the file you downloaded to a folder on your computer.

Step 6. Click on the folder to open it.

Step 7. Insert your SD card into your computer.

Step 8. Copy all the files from the downloaded file to your SD card.

Step 9. On your computer, visit this link using your browser.

how to jailbreak 3ds xl

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Step 10. Scroll down until you see the screen below. Choose if your console is old or new and input your firmware version and region.

how to jailbreak 3ds xl

Step 11. Press “Download “otherapp” after providing the correct information of your 3DS XL.

Step 12. Copy the downloaded file to your SD Card and rename it to “otherapp.bin“. Make sure you have at least 2.9 GB of free space on your SD Card.

Step 13. Insert a game and the SD Card on your console then go to Nintendo 3DS Sound.

Step 14. Select your file console version (old or new).

Step 15. Select “Safehax” from the “Homebrew Launcher” and launch it.

Step 16. Let Safehax run then choose “Select [SysNAND Option]“.

Step 17. After that, “Select[CTRNAND transfer…]“.

Step 18. Now “Select[AUTO CTRNAND transfer…]“.

Step 19. Press the following in order: “Left“, “Up“, “Right“, “Up” then “A“.

Step 20. Press the “A” button two times and wait for the process to finish.

Step 21. Connect your console’s charger to make sure you have ample power.

Step 22. After the process is complete, take your SD Card out from your 3DS and press “Start” to reboot your console.

Step 23. After rebooting, connect your 3DS to the internet the open the “Internet Browser“.

Step 24. Erase all Save Data of your explorer. After clearing all data, relaunch the Internet Browser.

Step 25. Type “” in the URL box.

Step 26. Insert your “SD CARD” before pressing continue.

Step 27. Press “Confirm“,”Select“, then any key. Your 3DS will shut down.

Step 28. Restart your 3DS by pressing “Start” and “Power” simultaneously.

Step 29. Select “Hourglass9 1.35“. Go to “SysNAND Restore” but keep “a91h“.

Step 30. Now go to “SysNAND Backup/Restore” and press “Left“, “Up“, “Right“, “Up” and “A“. Press “A” again. Finally, press “B“.

Step 31. Now choose “Health & Safety Inject” then press “Left“, “Up“, “Right“, “Up” and “A“. Press “A” again.

Step 32. Press “Start” to restart the 3DS.

Step 33. You should now have a hacked/jailbroken 3DS. Check if “FBI” has been successfully injected.

You can watch the video below to see how the entire process is done.

Hacking/jailbreaking your Nintendo 3DS XL is easy if you follow this guide. Please share this post with your friends if you found it useful. Also, leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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