How to Format SD Card for Use with Android

How to Format SD Card for Use with Android: Many android flagship phones today do not have a secure digital (SD) card slot. They have bigger storage capacities. Still, a lot of phone manufacturers include an SD card slot for their mobiles. This allows users to expand their mobiles’ memory. This could be useful for more apps and games. Users can also add more movies and music to their phones.

How To Format SD Card for Use with Android

Format your SD Card

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If you have bought a new SC Card, there are several ways for format it for your. You can use the guide below to format your SD Card for use with your Android phone.

How to Format SD Card for Use with Android: Method 1

  1. Turn off your phone (just to be sure it will recognize the card once inserted).
  2. Insert the Unformatted SD Card in your mobile’s SD Card slot.
  3. Turn on your mobile (SD Card will be recognized).
  4. Open File Explorer and look for your SD Card.
  5. Choose “Format/Erase SD Card”.
How to Format SD Card for Use with Android

Format/Erase SD Card

If the SD Card you inserted had been used before, instead of “Format” the prompt will say “Erase” (see above picture).

You have now formatted your SD Card using your mobile phone. For the second method, a computer will be used.

How to Format SD Card for Use with Android: Method 2

  1. Open your compute/laptop (Windows)
  2. Insert your unformatted SD Card into the sd card slot. (Use a card reader if you don’t have a built-in Card Reader.
  3. A prompt will appear saying that the media inserted is unformatted and will ask you if you want to format it.
  4. Format your SD Card (use FAT 32 in formatting).
  5. After formatting, insert your SD Card into your mobile phone’s SD Card slot.
Format SD Card

Format SD Card using A Windows Computer

You have just finished formatting your SD Card for use with your android phone. You now have more space to use on your mobile.

Which SD Card formatting is easier?

If you had your phone for a some time now, then you are familiar with most (if not all) of its functions. This may include how to format an SD Card using your mobile. In this case, it will be easier for you to use method 1 as you won’t need another device to do it.

However, if you are comfortable using Windows, then you may find it easier to format your SD Card using method 2.

Own a Mac?

As of this writing, Mac-formatted SD cards do not work with the Android OS. It seems that when you use a Mac to format an SC card for Android use, the Android operating system does not “see” the card and you end up with an “invisible” SD card. If this is the case, then you can use the two methods outlined above to format you SD card for use with your Android devices.

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