How To Fix Error 920: 3 Methods That Simply Work

How To Fix Error 920: 3 Methods That Simply Work  – Originally known as the Android Market, the Google Play Store is a convenient portal where users can download free/paid apps, games, music and movies. It’s the counterpart of Apple’s iTunes App Store which also caters to iOS users’ needs. Useful as it is, the Play Store is not perfect and may sometimes cause problems for the users.

Have you ever experienced downloading or updating an app from the Google Play Store but you can’t? Instead you get this message:

how to fix error 920

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This could ruin your entire day especially when you urgently need the app but can’t use it because of this “download” error. We must know first what causes this error before we can fix it.

Commom Causes of Error 920 in the Google Play Store

Error 920 usually appears when you try to download or update an app from the Google Play Store on your device and the download/update would just stop for no apparent reason. This error is common to Android devices but more prevalent on those with custom ROMs (CyanogenMod, for instance) installed on them (like the OnePlus line). The error may also be caused by account sync issues with your Android device. This error may also pop up when there is a cache problem in the Play Store. Anyway, on stock Android or not, fixing this error is a must for you to be able to download/update your apps and/or games on your android devices.

For this article, we are going to fix error 920 using three simple method. Read on to know how to fix error 920 using our procedure.

How To Fix Error 920: 3 Methods That Simply Work

You can do the following to get rid of error 920 when downloading or updating your software via the Google PlayStore. These are very easy to do so just follow the methods described below.

Method 1 – Wi-Fi Reset

This probably is the easiest way to fix error 920 on your device.

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi.
  • Run the Google Play Store and try to install/update the app.

Method 2 – Delete Your Synched Google Account

  • On your mobile, go to “Settings“, then “Accounts” and from there delete the account you synched with Google Play.
  • Reboot your device and add your Google account back. You can also use a different account if you want.
  • Run the Google Play Store and try to install/update the app.

Method 3 – Clear Google Play Store Cache

  • Again, on your device, Go to “Settings” then “Apps” and open “All” tabs.
  • Look for “Google Play Store” and tap to select.
  • Now you can “Clear Cache and Clear Data“.
  • While on the same tab, uninstall all Google Play Store “Updates“.
  • Reboot your device, run the Google Play Store and install/update the app.

You can watch the video below to see how the last method is done.

Learning how to fix error 920 is very easy if you follow the guide presented above. You will save yourself a lot of trouble by doing our methods to eliminate error 920 on your Android device.

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