How To Fix Error 740: Simple Methods You Can Do

How To Fix Error 740: Simple Methods You Can DoWindows is a great operating system but it is not perfect. This is the reason behind patches and updates that Microsoft release for its premier software. Windows users encounter errors every now and then and these can be the result of improperly installed programs or those that cause conflict with Windows’ registry.

One error that is usually encountered by many users is Error 740. For this article, we are going to find out what causes this error and how we can fix it.

What Causes Windows Error 740?

Windows Error 740 can be caused by several factor which may include:

  • Malware or virus infection which may have affected/corrupted Windows system files or installed programs.
  • Installed Windows programs which had been corrupted
  • Windows “Registry” problems

If you are running a program in Windows Vista or Windows 7 and you get Error 740, this means that the program has been configured to “run as administrator“. The image below shows the error upon running Winzip.

how to fix error 740

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You can encounter this error message with any Windows program (not just Winzip). The complete error message is “Error(740): The requested operation required elevation“.

Preventing Error 740 Messages

Windows has a built in security setting that allows the administrator to control what other users can do on the computer. This security setting is called User Account Control. The UAC has different levels of permissions which can cause  some errors when a user tries to run a program which needs “administrator” privileges. The User Account Control will show a dialog box which will then allow the user or the system administrator to elevate the permission to the required level. User Account Control will not allow this option for any program running with “normal” user permission.

With all of these in mind, we shall proceed to solve error 740.

How To Fix Error 740: Simple Methods You Can Do

The easiest way to get rid of error 740 is to right-click on the programs’s icon and choose “Run as Administrator“. This action will solve the problem most of the time. Another source of error 740 mentioned is “Registry” problems. For this, you should get a reliable Windows tool that can fix the “Registry” automatically as tinkering with this critical Windows “setting” can severely affect or even damage your operating system.

If you tried the two methods above and you still get error 740, you can follow the steps below for another quick solution. This time, you will turn off User Account Control (UAC).

Step 1. Click “Start” then “Control Panel“. You will be presented with the image below (or something similar).

how to fix error 740

Windows Control Panel

Step 2. In the “Search Control Panel”, key in “UAC” (without the quotation marks).

how to fix error 740

You can control UAC settings here

Step 3. Drag the slider all the way down to “Never Notify” to turn off User Account Control.

That’s it! By doing this you will never be notified of error 740 again. Now watch the video below to see how the procedure is done.


By following this tutorial, you will know how to fix error 740 and won’t be bothered by the annoying message again. Please share this post with your friends if you found it informative. Leaving a comment below will let us know what you think and inspire us to do more “How to” tutorials for you.

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