How To Fix Error 628: Network Troubleshooting Made Easy

How To Fix Error 628: Network Troubleshooting Made Easy – We use our modem to connect to the internet but when the device is not working properly, we lose our connection. Windows alert us with an error 628 which indicates something is wrong with our hardware or the drivers for our modem.

Windows error 628 is completely stated as “Error 628: The connection was terminated“.

What Are The Causes Of Error 628?

Error 628 may be caused by the following:

  • Disconnected/damaged modem cable
  • Outdated modem drivers
  • Firewall Protection
  • IP Address issues

To properly address and fix error 628, you must pinpoint the exact cause first to apply the correct solution. Follow the suggested fixes below to do this.

How To Fix Error 628: Network Troubleshooting Made Easy

Check The Cable

To connect your modem to your computer you need a network cable. This cable transmits data from your modem to your computer. Check to see if your modem cable is properly connected, or if its damaged, replace it. After connecting or replacing your cable, try to connect to see if the problem is solved.

Check The Status of Your Network Adapter/Modem

The “Network Connection” page of the “Control Panel” shows all your Network Adapter icons connected to your computer. Follow the steps below to check your network adapter status and fix error 628 by enabling your device.

Step 1. Click or press the Windows key.

Step 2. In the search box, type “ncpa.cpl“.

Step 3. After keying this, the control panel will open showing all your network connections.

how to fix error 628

Select your disabled adapter

Step 4. Select your network adapter from the list and right-click on it. Choose “enable” to fix the error.

Step 5. Try to connect after step 4.

For Windows 7 and below, you should click “Start”>”All Programs”>Accessories>”Run” then type in the “ncpa.cpl”. You will be taken to the “Network Connections” and will be able to troubleshoot error 628 as outline above.

Update/Reinstall Network Driver

If you have been using your Windows computer and you suddenly encounter error 628, your network adapter’s driven  may have be corrupted or is outdated. You must reinstall or update your driver in order to fix this error. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Press the Windows key and in the search box type in “Control Panel“.

Step 2. Once in the “Control Panel” screen, choose “Programs and Features“.

how to fix error 628

Select “Programs and Features”

Step 3. After selecting “Programs and Features”, you will see everything installed on your computer. Now you choose your “Network Driver” and uninstall/update it.

Check Your Firewall Protection

Error 628 may able be caused by your firewall protection. Conflicts may interfere with your connection because of firewall settings. Follow the procedure below to correct the error when caused by your firewall protection.

Step 1. Press the Windows Key.

Step 2. Type “Firewall Protection Status” in the “Search Box”.

Step 3. You will see the screen below. Select “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off” from the left side panel.

how to fix error 628

Select “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off”

Note : Be wary when turning off Windows Firewall as this is a built-in security measure to protect your computer from attacks. If your network provider has you covered with some form of firewall protection, then you can safety turn Windows Firewall Protection.

Issues With Your IP Address

Error 628 may also pop up if you have a problem with your IP Address. You should contact your internet service provider to get the correct data before your tinker with these settings. After you have obtained the information you need, follow the steps below to fix IP Address related error 628.

Step 1. Press the Windows Key.

Step 2. In the “Search Box” type “Network and Sharing Center

Step 3. On the left side panel select “Change Adapter Setting

Step 4. A window will pop up showing all your network connections. Right-click on your active connection and select “Properties“.

how to fix error 628

Step 5. Now you can select the “protocol” you need to change using the data you obtained from your provider. These may include the IP Address and the DNS Server Address values.

Step 6. Close everything after doing the revisions.

Now check to see if error 628 has been resolved and your connection is stable. You can also watch the video below for the summary of these procedures.

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Fixing Windows error 628 is easy if you follow our guide above. Please share this post with your friends if you found it useful. You can also leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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