How To Fix Error 53: iPhone 6 Solution

How To Fix Error 53: iPhone 6 Solution – The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been with us for more than a year now. It is still a great phone to own. It has very useful features. Superb hardware and software combination. But the mobile device is not without flaws. The most feared one is “error 53” which is connected to either the mobile’s Touch Screen or the iPhone’s Touch Sensor.

How to Fix Error 53: iPhone 6 Solution

Apple’s iPhone 6

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What Causes “Error 53” ?

Error 53 happens when the ORIGINAL Touch ID Sensor on the iPhone has been damaged or replaced. Apple says this is a “safety measure” to ensure the privacy of users. Each Touch ID-capable iPhone is equipped with a particular sensor which only works with ONE iPhone. If your Touch ID sensor gets damaged or replace, it results to error 53. Even if you restore or update your iOS, the problem will persists since it is hardware related. The only way to fix the problem is by fixing the hardware.

This is not easy to do because each iPhone has a particular Touch Sensor specific for that unit only. The best thing you can do is NOT try to fix your iPhone by replacing the Touch Sensor.

Even Apple service engineers/representatives appear to be clueless on how to fix this error. As quoted from one article“Error 53? Give him a new phone”. This scenario is widespread. Angry iPhone users turn to forums trying to find a solution for this error. They were disappointed.

How to Fix Error 53: iPhone 6 Solution

The Dreaded Error 53 on iPhone 6

This post will give you the best solution if you encountered this error. This,in fact, is the only solution to this error. Other sites offer solutions which can not really fix error 53. There is only one true solution for this error. We will discuss this fix below.

How To Fix Error 53: iPhone 6 Solution

A lot of sites offer solutions to error 53. One solution these sites offer is to wipe your PC’s registry clean. Another one is clear junk files from your computer. A third method says update Windows/Mac OS. Updating drivers tells another site may fix error 53. The last one is to re-install iTunes or update to the latest version.

All of these will not work.

As mentioned, the only sure way to fix error 53 is to put the original Touch Sensor. If your original Touch Sensor is broken, don’t let other technicians replace it. If you do, Apple will say your iPhone had been tampered with and will not replace it.

Go to your nearest Apple Service Center or where you bought your device. Tell any sales representative or technician that you get “error 53”. They will promptly replace your iPhone.

How to fix error 53: iPhone 6 solution from gives you the only real fix for this particular problem. If you found this article useful, please let us know. Share it also with your friends who may have encountered error 53 on their iPhone 6.

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