How To Fix Error 522: Quick And Easy Methods (Update)

How To Fix Error 522: Easy Methods: If you are using CloudFlare, you may have encountered this error. Error 522 appears when your Content Delivery Network (CDN) cannot connect to the server. This is the usual culprit for this error. There may be other causes for error 522 which are described below.


How To Fix Error 522

The Common Error 522 On CloudFlare

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Potential Causes for Error 522

Error 522 happens when CloudFlare cannot connect to the site’s origin server you are trying to access before the connection timed out. This means a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection cannot be established between your computer and the site’s origin server.

Error 522 can also occur because of the following:

  • CloudFlare and the site’s server network connectivity problem
  • Too much traffic congesting the domain’s hosting platform
  • The domain’s hosting is using too much resources or is on a shared connection
  • ClouFlare’s Internet Protocols (IP’s) are limiting the rate of incoming connections

Now we know that the problem exists either because of a connection problem with your CloudFlare setting or the site’s origin setting. We can proceed to solve your error 522 issue. There are two main sources of the problem. Take note that there may be several issues connected to the these sources.

Update: Check out the latest Error 522 fixes after the two methods below.

How To Fix Error 522 – Method 1

Check Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Handshake

When a visitor tries to access a site which is CloudFlare-enabled, the site’s origin server and CloudFlare establishes a connection. To complete this connection, a three-way handshake is used by the TCP. See illustrations below.

How To Fix Error 522

Successful Connection

In the above illustration, all three conditions for a successful handshake has been established. The visitor can browse the site.

How To Fix Error 522

TCP Handshake Error 1

Error 522 happens in the above picture because the site’s origin server did not respond within 15 seconds after the request was sent to it.

How To Fix Error 522

TCP Handshake Error 2

Another error 522 occurs in the above illustration because no response was received within 90 seconds after the initial connection was established.

To fix these errors, the first thing to do is check the above-mentioned connection issues. It would be wise to contact your server administrator or host provider. You do not have to do anything here as the admins can easily check and resolve the problem for you.

However, if there is a network issue coming from the origin’s site server, a traceroute (My Traceroute / MTR) can be used to check the issue.

Use Traceroute or MTR Tool

Check that CloudFlare’s Internet Protocols (IPs) are not being blocked by the webserver via firewall, load-balancer and other tools. If CloudFlare’s IPs are blocked, put them in the whitelist.

After checking, run the MTR tool from the site’s origin server to debug and pinpont the network issue. You can use either of these two which are the best among the lot : MTR tool 1 and MTR tool 2.

These tools should tell you the information where the time-out occurs and you can report this to your webserver or CloudFlare’s administrators to correct the issue.

For more info on how to use Tracerouce/MTR, you can visit this site.

How To Fix Error 522 – Method 2

Use cURL

Another tool you can use is cURL to confirm the site’s origin server response. You can download cURL from this link. It is a free tool. It will help you get more details about error 522 from the site’s origin server.

Using cURL is easy and you can get further info by visiting this link.

Now the Update!

For this update, we will fix Error 522 (Connection Time Out) on Google Chrome. Just follow the tips below and you’ll have Error 522 fixed in no time!

How to Fix Error 522 on Google Chrome

Tip #1 – Clear Browsing Data

Perhaps your browser is already cluttered with too much browsing data. Try clearing your browsing data to fix the error. To do this, just follow the steps below.

  • With Google Chrome open, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser (Customize and control Google Chrome).
  • A drop down menu will open and you can select “History” option.
  • Click on “History” to open it on a new tab.
  • Click on clear browsing data option and choose which ones you want to get rid off.
  • Choose the time frame from “Obliterate the following items from” option.
  • That’s it! Now try browsing if the error is fixed.

Tip #2 – Uninstall then Reinstall Google Chrome

If clearing your browsing data doesn’t fix the problem, then you should try this next tip.

  • Uninstall Chrome from your computer using any method.
  • Download and reinstall the browser again on your computer.
  • Try to connect to if the error has been solved.

Tip #3 – Get Rid Of Unused Browser Addons

  • Again, with Google Chrome open, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser (Customize and control Google Chrome).
  • Select and click on “settings” option.
  • A new tab will open and you will see the Chrome “extensions” located at left side of the page. Click on “extensions” and you will see all the addons installed on Chrome.
  • You can now choose which extensions you use and remove the ones you don’t need.
  • Check if you can now connect to the site.

Tip #4 – Check Your Internet Connection

With the internet, the faster the connection the better. You should check if you have good internet connection to be sure that error 522 is not caused by “intermittent” connection. Do the steps below to check your internet connection. 

  • Open a command prompt on your computer.
  • Type “ping” on the command console.
  • You will get a result and you can check if you have lost packets. If you don’t have any, this means you have good internet connection.
  • If you do have lost packets then you should get in touch with your internet service provider.

Tip #5 – IP Address : Release and Renew

Sometimes connectivity issues occur when your computer’s IP Address has expired. To fix this problem, do the procedure below.

  • Open a command prompt similar in tip #4.
  • Key in “ipconfig / flushdns” then press the enter key. This will clear your DNS cache.
  • Now type “ipconfig / registerdns” and press the enter button. This will refresh your DHCP address leases.
  • Next, type “ipconfig / release” then tap the enter key again. This will “release” your IP Address.
  • Last, key in “ipconfig / renew“, press the enter button to “renew” your IP Address.

 Tip #6 – Check Your Proxy Settings

  • Go to Chrome’s “Settings“>”Show Advance Settings“>”Network” options
  • Click “Change Proxy Settings“.
  • Select “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings“.
  • Here you will be presented with “Automatic Configuration” and “Proxy Server“.
  • Play around with each setting and try to connect after each revision. If you find a setting that works then you’re good to go.

Now you can watch the video below to see how one of the methods is done to fix error 522.

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