How To Fix Error 0xc004d307: Easy Way For Windows Users

 How To Fix Error 0xc004d307: Easy Way For Windows Users – Windows error 0xc004d307 occurs when a user tries to activate Windows and the number of allowed activation has been exceeded. This error occurs in Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 when the Windows activation data gets corrupted.

There are still a lot of people who try to install “unauthorized” (read: pirated) copies of Windows on their computers. This is very dangerous as illegal copies of the Windows software are usually full of malware, viruses and security issues. Microsoft therefore urge users to install “genuine” Windows operating system on their computers to be safe.

how to fix error 0xc004d307

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This culprit for this error has been found to be the maximum allowed number of rearms Windows command SLMGR-REARM. Using this command more than the allowed times will result in error 0xc004d307. The usual number of times you are allowed to use this command is three. After issuing this command more than three times, you will face Windows error 0xc004d307.

When this happens, the “SkipRearm” registry key will have a value of “0”. To get rid of error 0xc004d307 and use Windows again, you have to reset the “SkipRearm” value to “1”. The procedure below shows how it is done on Windows 7.

You can follow our guide below to learn how to fix error 0xc004d307 on your Windows machine.

How To Fix Error 0xc004d307: Easy Way For Windows Users

You can fix this Windows error by doing the procedure below.

Step 1. Start the Registry Editor by opening “Run” and keying in “Regedit”. You can also do this by pressing the “Windows” key + “R“.

Step 2. Once the Registry Editor is open, navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/SoftwareProtectionPlatform” folder/directory.

how to fix error 0xc004d307

Step 3. Find the “SkipRearm” file on the right-hand window of the Register Editor and right-click on it.

how to fix error 0xc004d307

Step 4. Choose “Modify” to change the “Data Value” to “1”.

how to fix error 0xc004d307

Step 5. After this, close the “Registry Editor” and restart your computer.

Step 6. When your computer completes the boot up process, you can again try the SLMGR-REARM or SLMGR/REARM command to see if the problem has been fixed.

Now watch the video below to see how the entire process is done.

This should easily fix the error but just in case you still encounter the problem after doing the above procedure, you can use a Windows program to automatically fix the problem. The app is called Windows Repair (All In One). There are two versions of the tool – a regular “installable” one and a portable one that you can conveniently have on a usb flash drive. It is a free program so you can try it without any purchase required.

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