How To Download Optifine: Quick And Easy Install Method

How To Download Optifine: Quick And Easy Install Method – In a previous article, I showed you how to download Pixelmon mod and install it to your Minecraft add-ons. For this post, I have another Minecraft “how-to” guide for you. This one will teach you how to download Optifine mod and add it to Minecraft.

What is Optifine?

If you want to improve the graphics quality and speed of your Minecraft game then you should definitely consider installing Optifine. This mod was designed to make Minecraft run faster on older computers.

Optifine is a “mod” that boosts your framerate and adds other features like zooming in on places and improves how far you can see. There are currently six versions of Optifine namely:

  • Light
  • Standard
  • Smooth
  • Multi-Core
  • AA
  • Ultra

Check out the table below to see what these different editions offer.

A complete list of what Optifine offers can be viewed here.

how to download optifine

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Minecraft graphics are deliberately blocky. The game does not need a very powerful computer to run it. This also make the game stand out from all the hyper-realistic games which come out today. The developer didn’t have a particular age group targeted but younger gamers seem to dominate the Minecraft realm.

Enough of statistics. Now it’s time to dig (pun intended) deeper into the main topic of this post: How to download Optifine and get it installed on your computer.

How To Download Optifine: Quick And Easy Install Method

Just follow the steps below to learn how to download Optifine and install it on your computer.

Step 1. Download the Optifine mod via this link (get the latest version).

Step 2. Open Minecraft and check if your version is the same as the Optifine mod you downloaded. If not, click on “Edit Profile” and choose the one that matches the Optifine mod.

how to download optifine

Step 3. Make sure you have “Java” installed on your computer. If not, you can  download the latest version from this link.

Step 4. Now go to the folder where you downloaded the Optifine mod file and double-click on it. You should get a prompt which looks something like the image below.

how to download optifine

Step 5. Choose the folder where your Minecraft mods are located (usually “Roaming”>”Minecraft”>”Mods) then click “Install“.

Step 6. You will get a message saying “Optifine is successfully installed“.

Step 7. Again, launch Minecraft and check the “Profile” box to make sure that is says “Optifine”.

Step 8. If you did all the steps correctly then you are now ready to hit the “Play” button.

Step 9. After Minecraft loads, go to the “Options“>”Video Settings” and experiment with all the additional tweaks you can control after installing Optifine.

how to download optifine

You have just installed Optifine mod for Minecraft! You can watch the video below to see how the procedure is done.

Downloading and installing Minecraft mods become easy when you follow our guide. Please share this post if you found it useful. We also would like to hear from from so please leave a comment below.

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