How To Download Lucky Patcher: Quick And Easy Method

How To Download Lucky Patcher: Quick And Easy Method – If you own any Android device, then probably you have heard about lucky patcher. This app is usually for rooted Android gadgets but it can also be installed on  non-rooted devices (with limited functionality). It can also be installed on iOS devices.

What exactly is Lucky Patcher?

Well, Lucky Patcher as its name implies, is an app that “patches” the apps installed on your device. Lucky Patcher allows you to do the following (and  more):

  • Remove license verification so they can be downloaded from the Play Store
  • Remove Google Ads
  • Create backups by extracting APK file
  • Modification of associated app permissions
  • Unlocking Paid apps to install them on other gadgets
  • Makes “paid” in-app purchases free
  • Install “Modded” Play Store

Please note that “some” of the actions you can do with Lucky Patcher can be considered as piracy and this site has never condoned piracy in any form whatsoever. This guide has been written for educational purposes only and to show what this particular app can do.

how to download lucky patcher

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Why Use Lucky Patcher?

Its obvious that users can do more with Lucky Patcher and your rooted Android. Gamers will particularly benefit from Lucky Patcher as the app allow them to get/buy in-app purchase for free. Also, users have complete control of everything that is installed on their devices with the use of Lucky Patcher.

For this article, I am going to show you how to download Lucky Patcher to your device and install it. Just follow the steps below to download and install Lucky Patcher.

How To Download Lucky Patcher: Quick And Easy Method

Easily download and install Lucky Patcher on your device using the procedure outlined below.

Step 1. On your device, go to “Setting“>”Security“, then enable “Unknown Sources“.

Step 2. Using your device’s browser, go to this site to download the Lucky Patcher file.

Step 3. After the file download is complete, tap on the apk file to start the app installation. If your device is rooted, you need to grant root access.

Step 4. After installation, tap on the Lucky Patcher icon to launch the application.

how to download lucky patcher

Step 5. Lucky Patcher will show you all your installed apps and games with the corresponding “patches” available for each item.

Step 6. Tap on the “toolbox” then “Patch to android“. Choose the first three options and tap “apply“.

how to download lucky patcher

Step 7. Wait for your device to completely reboot then launch Lucky Patcher again.

Step 8. Now choose the app or game you want to modify and choose “Open menu of patches”. Choose the available patches for the particular app/game.

Step 9. Tap on “apply” and wait for Lucky Patcher to do its magic. If you want, you can select other patches and apply them one by one.

You have just downloaded, installed and used Lucky Patcher to modify your apps and games!

The video below shows Lucky Patcher in action.

Lucky Patcher is an indispensable tool for those of you who want to get the most from your devices. Not only does it allow you to have full control over your apps and games but it also allows you to “modify” the mentioned to your liking.

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