How To Disable Ads From uTorrent: Best Guide

Disable Ads From uTorrent: uTorrent as we all know is one of the most popular platforms to download a lot of things but basically movies, serials etc. It is a small file that hels the user to download a variety of things. The popularity of the app can be judged from the fact that almost millions of people use this every month. But one thing which is one of the most annoying thing in this uTorrent are the ads. The users face the most trouble while exploring on uTorrent just because of the ads. Therefore in this article today i’m going to tell you how to disable ads from uTorrent.

Disable Ads From uTorrent

Disable Ads From uTorrent

Now before getting towards how to disable ads from uTorrent let’s quickly take a look why these ads basically needs to be removed? Ads are basically promotional banners of various companies that tend to promote their product over the web. Now why these ads are most hated because whenever a person is searching something important he finds ads on the page and if by chance he clicks on the ad it interrupts his search and points him to some other direction. This interrupt is basically the worst thing that could happen. Now let’s check how to disable ads from uTorrent.

Given below are some easy steps to disable ads from uTorrent:

  • First of all go to options and click preferences in that.
  • Under the preferences option click on “Advanced”. Don’t expand it simply click on it.
  • In the search type box type “offer”. This will filter out the required data.
  • Just see the last two options i.e. Left rail offer and torrent client offer.
  • Both the options will show a “true” value.
  • Just double click on both of them and set them false.
  • Now you can exit and close uTorrent and wait for sometime to let the changes occur.
  • You’re done with how to disable ads from uTorrent.


SO this was all about how to disable ads from uTorrent. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that for further doubts and queries regarding how to disable ads from uTorrent please feel free to share via comments. Thank you..

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