How to Backup Galaxy S5 Using These 5 Simple Methods

If you need to learn how to back up Galaxy S5, you’ve come to the right place! Especially before you perform a factory reset on your device or go to buy a newer Samsung phone, it’s vital that you back up all your contacts, apps, photos, text messages, and other content to ensure your phone will be back to the way it way before and have the same files that are so near and dear to your heart. By using one of these easy methods, you’ll have your Galaxy S5 backed up in no time.

how to back up Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5

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Methods vary from phone-to-phone file transfers to backups via the computer to backups via Samsung or Google accounts, and even backups to your sim card. With so many different options to choose from, it only makes sense to thoroughly take the time to decide which backup method, or methods, are right for you and your situation.

Method 1: Smart Switch App 

The Smart Switch App assists those with their Galaxy S5 backups in a simple way. From this method, you can simply download the program on your computer and are then able to transfer the files from your phone to your computer, so if anything happens to your phone or the contents on it, you can have easy access to them via your computer. OR, if you upgrade to a different Samsung device, you can download the Smart Switch App on both your new and old devices to transfer the old files to your new Samsung phone in a direct way. It’s really a great app, and every Samsung device works with this, at least newer versions.

Download the Smart Switch App here. If you are interested in transferring files from one phone to another, watch the video below step-by-step.

Method 2: Samsung Kies App

According to Samsung, if your device is not compatible with the Smart Switch app, chances are, it will work with the Kies App. Downloading the Samsung Kies App is perhaps one of the most reliable ways to back up your Galaxy S5 next to the Smart Switch App, and of course is very similar in terms of how Smart Switch works. The main difference between the Samsung Kies App and Smart Switch is that the Kies App does not transfer files between devices directly (you have to backup via the computer from your old device and then connect the new device to transfer files) whereas the Smart Switch app as designed to do so directly, as well as back up files via the computer. Other than that, these two apps are virtually identical in terms of function. Kies, though, is geared more towards older Samsung Devices and operating systems and is seen as a more outdated program in comparison to Smart Switch.

You can download Samsung Kies here, and watch the tutorial of how to use the app by watching the instructional video below.

Method 3: Samsung Account

If you want to back up your data to your Samsung account, that of course works just as well too. In fact, it’s probably a lot easier for most and requires less steps. Even better, no downloads are required to perform this method. You will, of course, need a Samsung account first (if for some reason you don’t or don’t have it tied with your current device, click here for further instructions).

Samsung account

If you do, and the account is linked to your phone, you’re ready to backup via your Samsung account. Simply go to ‘Settings’ on your device. Then click on ‘Accounts and sync.’ From there, tap on ‘Add account’ just to make sure your Samsung account is linked to your device. If not, add the account information. Once you’re logged in, tap ‘Samsung account,’ and click ‘Device backup.’ After that, click on ‘Backup Options.’ There should be a box that pops up. Select each part of your Samsung device you’d like to backup, and click ‘Ok.’ Click on ‘Back up now’ (or ‘Auto backup’ if you want Samsung to automatically back up your device daily). That’s all there is to it! Your device data is now backed up to your Samsung account. If you ever get a different Samsung device, you can simply login with the same Samsung account in order to transfer your old data onto your new device!

Method 4: Google Account

Here’s another quick and easy way to back up your Samsung Galaxy S5 device! From your phone, click ‘Apps’ and then ‘Settings.’ From settings, tap ‘Back up and reset.’ Make sure that both ‘Back up my data’ and ‘Automatic restore’ options are selected. If not, be sure to.

how to back up Galaxy S5

Your Google settings, bookmarks, app data, and any passwords for Wifi will then be saved if these two boxes are checked. Your screen should look similar as in the image below.

Method 5: Built-in Backup App

Your Android phone should have come with a backup app. If you can locate this, click on it. From there, click ‘Data.’ Then select all the data you want to back up ranging from pictures to MMS. Click ‘Back up,’ and create a name for this backup. Using this method, the backup will be saved to your phone’s SD card. Now you’re set to go!

Built-in Backup App

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Now that you know how to back up Galaxy S5, it’s clear that there are so many different options to choose from. A good idea is to pick one of the first two methods considering your files will be backed up through a different device. If you prefer a method that doesn’t require a download, pick one of the last three methods. Either way, each method should work well for you, but sometimes it’s best to take advantage of several different backup methods just to be on the safe side. Simply pick the ones that meet your needs the most, and weigh the pros and cons of each method. Of course, it’s also best to consider the main functions each method has and what makes that method unique from all the others. Good luck on backing up your Samsung Galaxy S5 device!

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