How to Backup Android Contacts to Gmail: Best Guide

How to Backup Android Contacts:- Your contacts are one of the most important parts of your mobile device. It takes almost so much time to collect and make a pile of contacts of your loved ones and friends, and after which if anyways your phone gets lost or you need to do the factory reset then all the stuff from your device is gone including your hard earned contacts. One of the biggest losses is the loss of contacts. Many a times it happens that people become very sad not because their phone is gone but because of their contacts. Also there may be a case when you have to switch to some other device, which means you brought a new device and no0w you need your contacts in that device for which you have to backup your contacts from your old Smartphone to your new Smartphone. So this article is all about how to make a backup of your contacts no matter whether you are doing it to Gmail or to any other Smartphone.

How to backup Android contacts

Now with the technology being upgrading day by day, the Smartphone nowadays are coming with an option to sync your device with the Gmail account you have. After which you can easily use your contacts once again without any further ado’s. So with this article I just want to make you feel relax even if you need to reset your factory settings or your phone is stolen or lost or you need to change your device. So in this article we’ll learn how to backup your contacts from android.

How to backup Android contacts:

  • Backup From One Device to Another:

This portion of the article guides you how to backup your contacts if you are about to change your android device. Though a lot of people save their contacts in their SIM but for those who do in their phone memory, they need to make a backup when they need to change their android device. The following steps tell you how to backup android contacts:

  • First of all go to your contacts menu

How to backup Android contacts

  • Press the “options or menu” button and after which press “export/ import

how to backup android contacts

  • Various options come in front of you saying import from SIM card, export to SD card etc

how to backup android contacts

  • Now all you have to do is to export your contacts in your SD card and save it in any of your PC’s or laptops or anywhere you are comfortable and later on you can move the contacts to your new android device.

how to backup android contacts

  • Backup From Android to Gmail Account:

Now another method is backup your contacts to your Gmail account. This method is basically done to ensure that if your phone gets reset or lost then you can use your contacts efficiently without any difficulty. So for this all you need is an android Smartphone and a Gmail account. Here are the steps to backup your android contacts to Gmail:

  • Now for this you just have to set a gmail account in your android device. Navigate to the “settings” and move to “Accounts” and click on the option “add new account”.

how to backup android contacts

  • After which you have to do nothing Google will automatically sync your contacts and save it for your future purposes. Btu you can also click “menu” option where just click on the sync option.

how to backup android contacts

Where to View your Contacts:

Now that you are done with the backup process, you should also know where to view your contacts in the Gmail account. For this purpose just sign in to your Gmail account and follow the following steps:

  • After signing in see the left top corner where “Gmail” is written. Click on that option.

how to backup android contacts

  • After clicking on that option you’ll find the second option under that turns out to be your contacts These are your saved contacts.

how to backup android contacts


So this was all about how to backup android contacts. So in case now you have to reset your device or your device gets lost then also your contacts are present with you. For further doubts and queries please feel free to share via comments.. Thank you..

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