How To Hide Drives On Windows: Best Method

How To Hide Drives On Windows:- Privacy is one thing which everyone loves and it is always a point of concern to everyone. Now in your PC also you have got a lot of files which you don’t want anyone to see or intercept. In that case you try to hide those files or folders. Now in your Smartphones you have got many third party apps to serve the purpose for you. But in the windows you have to manually do so. A specific file or folder can be hidden very easily in your PC but that can be intercepted by anyone who has some knowledge about the Computer system. So in this article today I’m going to tell you how to hide drives on windows.

how to hide drives on windiows

How To Hide Drives On Windows:

Now before getting towards how to hide drives on windows let’s quickly take a look at why there is a need to hide drives on windows and how to do so? Now one of most conventional method to have privacy in your PC is to hide your files or folders but that could be easily intercepted by going to the folder options and checking the hidden files and folders. Anyone having some knowledge about the computer can easily intercept your private files or folders without letting you know that he successfully checked your private files. So in this case what e can do is we can keep all our important and private files and folders in one drive which is separately made for the purpose and we can hide the complete drive from your PC. So now let’s quickly take a look at how to hide drives on windows.

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Given below are some easy steps by which you can hide folders on windows:

  • First of all open the Windows search box.
  • Type “diskmgmt.msc” in it.

hide drives on windows

  • It will open the disk management window.

hide drives on windows

  • Now right click on any disk which you want to hide and click the “change drive letter and paths”.

hide drives on windows

  • Now another window will open asking the permission to perform any action. Just click “remove”

hide drives on windows

  • And after which a window will appear saying some programs may not work properly. Just click ok.

hide drives on windows

  • Click “ok” again.
  • You are done with how to hide drives on windows.

How to Unhide Drives on Windows:

  • Now once you have hidden the drive you can successfully unhide the drive by again following the same procedure.
  • Go to windows search box and type “diskmgmt.msc”
  • Now the drive you have hidden will appear there without any name.
  • Just right click on it and again click “change drive letter and paths”.
  • After which you have to click “add”.
  • Select the drive letter which you have hidden and click “ok”
  • You’re done with how to unhide drives on windows.


SO this was all about how to hide drives on Windows. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that now can keep your things privately by following this easy guide on how to hide drives on windows. For further doubts and queries regarding how to hide drives on windows please feel free to share via comments. Thank you..

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