Google working on its own Quantum Computer

Google has made plans to increase their efforts in making quantum computer. Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab said that it will start designing new quantum information processors based on superconducting electronics. Quantum computers can compute at many times faster rate than that of conventional computer. They use qubits to compute data. Qubit meaning quantum bit, can store and compute data in both 1 and 0 forms at a time. So quantum computers are supposed to solve complex problems that conventional computer may not compute in millions of years.Google Quantum Computer

Hartmut neven, the company director of engineering said that Google’s Quantum AI will collaborate with the University of California, Santa Barbara team led by John Martinis, a London prize winner in quantum control and quantum information processing. Martinis and his team made a 5qubit array that will make faster computations avoiding errors at 99.2 percent. With an integrated hardware group the Quantum AI team will now be able to test and implement new designs for quantum processors. The latest work by his team pulled the attention of Google towards them as they made superconducting 5 qubid array with larger scale and less error.

Neven said that this team will continue to collaborate with D-wave and UCSB at NASA Ames and continue testing on D-wave quantum computer (Vesuvius) to upgrade it to a 1000 qubit processor.

Google and NASA both bought a quantum computer from D-wave which they called using quantum electronics. But the reports are saying that the Vesuvius (Quantum computer as said by D-wave) was not solving complex problems and was very similar to conventional computer with a little speedup. The D-wave quantum computer was costing around $15 millions a piece. So Google decided to do experiments and testing on the system and upgrading it to 1000 qubit processor so as to compute faster and much complex problems.

Google has said that they will continue to collaborate with D-wave and do its experiments at NASA Ames with UCSB and Quantum AI teams to design and testing of quantum information processors.

So Google has made it clear to make its own fastest Quantum computer with quantum information processors based on superconducting electronics. Google is investing in quantum computing and this will be a sight of upcoming rivalry for D-wave and IBM in super computer technology. So be ready to enter in a new era of computing technology very soon.

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