Google To Optimize Search Results On Slow Network Connections

Google to Optimize search results on slow network connections

Google seems to paying more attention to rapidly growing Indian Internet market as they announced that they are rolling out a streamlined version of its search results page in India. India is a market with tons of Mobile Internet users who have slow connections. Google aiming to strengthen its foothold in the Indian mobile Internet market will enable faster search capability for mobile phone users with slower network connections using a new streamlined version of its search results page.

Google to optimize search results on slow network connections

 Google will automatically check if a user has slow wireless connection and deliver a fast loading version of search to the user. Fewer Bytes are loaded that means you have faster answer to your searches and it will be cheaper also.

However, Google’s high quality results from Google will remain the same, but the new search will not show the elements like images and maps if they are not essential part of result as said by Bharat Mediratta in the post on official Google India blog.

“Increasingly, people in India are accessing the Internet through mobile devices such as their smartphones. However, not all of these devices come with fast, cheap connections,” Google’s distinguished software engineer Bharat Mediratta added.

This is a great step by Google in order to organize the world’s information and making it accessible to everyone, including those who don’t have fast Internet connections.

 Google is certainly paying extra attention top Indian market as their recent launches also made it clear. Google launched Android One initiative first in India and claimed that it was originally conceived with India in mind. Android One initiative from Google make the users have low cost Android handsets in their hands which are approved by Google. Also Android One comes with a promise of getting first updates from Google along with Nexus devices.

Google is also working to add more search options in more local languages in India and planning to roll out services in more Indian regional languages in future. However no specific timelines have been set for that.

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